10 Surprising Benefits of Oolong Tea You Probably Didn't Know

fat burning oolong tea


The benefits of water are widely known and often discussed. But is water the only healthy drink available? For many people, water is bland and boring. It is tasteless and plain.

For this reason, many people often steer away from drinking water and turn to unhealthy drinks instead. However, fat burning teas are a very healthy and tasty alternative to water. Here are ten surprising benefits of fat burning Oolong tea.

Fat Burning Oolong Tea Benefits Your Heart Health

With a caffeine content of about 50mg per cup, fat burning oolong tea is a low caffeine alternative to coffee. Caffeine is a stimulant that can cause the arteries to narrow and speed up your heart. This makes your heart work faster than necessary.

Additionally, studies have found that people who regularly drink fat burning oolong tea have lower cholesterol and lower risk of death by cardiovascular disease. Oolong tea is full of antioxidants that speed up metabolism and benefit the heart.

Speed Up Your Metabolism By Drinking Fat Burning Oolong Tea

Since fat burning oolong tea speeds up your metabolism, it helps your body burn fat. While you may not lose all your belly fat within one week of drinking the fat burning tea, but a study shows that six weeks of Oolong can already make a difference.

There are polyphenols in Oolong, including catechins. Studies show that the combination of catechins and caffeine in the tea is what causes the boost in weight loss. This is more effective than teas that only contain either catechins or caffeine.


fat burning oolong tea

Drinking Fat Burning Oolong Tea Lowers Cancer Risk

Each cup of Oolong cuts your risk of cancer by 4%. This is not a large amount but is definitely a step forward. It can reduce the risk of ovarian cancer in women, slow down gall bladder cancer, and prevent skin cancer.

Oolong assists in maintaining a healthy immune system. The antioxidant flavonoids prevent and repair cell damage and the fat burning tea has antibacterial properties that help in fighting disease.

Regular Consumption of Fat Burning Oolong Tea May Prevent Diabetes

People with type 2 diabetes can experience tremendous benefits from fat burning oolong tea. The tea helps metabolize sugar, resulting in stable blood glucose levels. Some studies show that the greatest benefits come when you drink six cups of Oolong every day for 30 days.

While further studies need to be completed, regular consumption of Oolong may even prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes. However, there has been no significant effect on the blood sugar of non-diabetic individuals.

Your Overall Health Will Be Increased Thanks To Fat Burning Oolong Tea

If you’re a fitness geek, I have great news! Oolong is a great tea for fitness, especially during the winter months. Fat burning oolong tea is filled with antioxidants that boost your immune system. As mentioned before, it can even reduce your risk of cancer and diabetes.

It is only logical then that Oolong is also a tea to cure a common cold. This means that drinking Oolong tea regularly in the winter months can keep you healthy and on track to meet your fitness goals.


fat burning oolong tea

Use Oolong Tea For Healthier Skin and Hair


Fat Burning oolong tea is useful in fighting eczema. The anti-allergenic properties of the tea provide some relief for the skin condition. To see these results, you should drink Oolong tea three times daily, and you can use the teabags as wipes for your face.

Additionally, Oolong can slow the effects of aging and make your skin clearer and more vibrant. Drinking Oolong and using it as a hair rinse can prevent hair loss and produce shinier and stronger tresses. It softens the hair and can even make it thicker.

You Don't Need Milk To Increase Your Bone Health Anymore

Move over, milk. It’s an Oolong time. Regular Oolong drinkers have less chance of losing bone mineral density, as Oolong helps retain minerals from the food you consume. Oolong also contains calcium and magnesium, which helps maintain bone strength and density.

Fat Burning oolong also protects your teeth by inhibiting acid build-up, reducing plaque, and strengthening tooth enamel. Oolong may even be healthier than milk for adult calcium consumption, as it helps in the absorption of these minerals.

Fat Burning Oolong Tea Can Support Digestion

If you are not caffeine sensitive, Oolong can support digestion. It neutralizes the digestive tract, reducing indigestion and acid reflux. It is also a mild antiseptic that can reduce inflammation in the stomach.

Some studies link Oolong tea to the prevention, reduction, and curing of stomach ulcers. So, next time you want to enjoy that spicy meal, have some Oolong to cushion the blow.


fat burning oolong tea

If You Want To Be More Alert Oolong Tea Is The Tea For You

The caffeine in fat burning oolong tea can give you a mental boost. It can sharpen your thinking skills and give you a boost in energy. Oolong is not loaded with sugar and also isn’t as loaded with caffeine as coffee is.

This means that you are more likely to avoid the crash associated with using coffee and energy drinks as a pick-me-up. The energy boost is more sustained and wears off slowly and at a steady rate.

Release Happy Hormones and Reduces Stress

The caffeine in Oolong tea triggers the release of norepinephrine and dopamine. These are known as the happy hormones and can improve mood and reduce stress. Sandy Jameson, who works with an assignment service that offers professional writing services like in Edubirdie review, says she uses fat burning oolong tea to relax entirely during a stressful day.

Writing is exerting and makes you feel drowsy after hours of work. To beat that, she finds that a cup of Oolong when she’s feeling snowed under makes her feel much happier and alert to carry on with her tasks.

Bonus: Great Taste

What good is a healthy drink if it is as bland as water? Oolong tea is derived from the same plant as green tea, white tea, and black tea. The difference is the process used to make the tea what it is. Green tea tends to be bitter and white and black tea can be quite weak and tasteless.

The process of creating fat burning oolong means that it retains much of its flavor and thus makes a delicious cup. Add to this that the processing of the tea loses many of the benefits for the other kinds of tea, and you might just be convinced that Oolong is best.

While you may find many benefits to water and other teas, fat burning oolong is the only tea with everything in one place. It has many health benefits while also tasting great. The benefits of Oolong extend beyond this list, as these benefits can lead to increased confidence and reduced need for medical care. Save money, look great, and feel even better.

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