Our 'Garden' of Impact

Discover our impact pillars

We view our impact as a field of wildflowers. Many different varieties, all with unique features and attributes, yet they are all intertwined, contributing to a continuous ecosystem.

Each ‘impact bloom’ (AKA pillar) is unique, yet rooted deeply in the same earth as the other blooms.

Learn more about our impact pillars that Benefit you, Benefit the Planet, while Benefiting Women, globally.

Blends with Benefits: Our Impact Pillars

Benefiting You

From sleep support to focus, energy, confidence, calm, and more. Whatever your goal, we've got you covered.

Because when you take care of your wellbeing first, you're better equipped to positively impact the people and communities you care about most.

We're here to help you live & lead consciously.

Benefiting the Planet

Our tea packaging is 100% biodegradable + refillable & our pyramid tea bags are made of plant-based fibres, plastic-free, and also fully biodegradable.

We are proudly a certified B-corp.

Benefiting Women

A portion of proceeds from every order supports ambitious women founders through our funding and mentorship programs.

We believe the future of business is more equitable, and accessible.

🌿benefiting you:

Our Why

From sleep, stress, energy, digestion and more - wherever you need support, for all your wellness rituals - we've got you covered

We're here to help you live & lead consciously. Because when you invest in your wellbeing first, you're better equipped to positively impact the people & communities you care about most.

🌿 Benefitting You: Our Impact Measured

🌿 92% reported our functional tea blends & aligned self care essentials improved their overall wellness rituals with an improved general sense of wellbeing.*
*Source: 2024 Customer Survey with 88 respondents
🌿 84% are aware of, or have utilized are refill program providing a sustainable and cost savings benefit.
*Source: 2024 Customer Survey with 88 respondents
🌿 86.4% identify as conscious consumers, and purchase from tease partly because of values alignment
*Source: 2024 Customer Survey with 88 respondents
🌿Benefiting you: our impact, unpacked
Beauty & Wellness from Within:

We're not a tea company. We are a beauty & wellness company here to elevate your everyday wellness rituals without compromising convenience, sustainability, or impact.

🌎benefiting the planet:

Our Why

While we believe sustainability is more about a way of life, and continuous journey towards progress over perfection. However, We focus our measurable impact specifically through our carbon neutral, plastic offsetting efforts, sustainable & ethical supply chain sourcing efforts.

Tease is proudly a certified B-Corp, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to verified social & environmental impact.

🌎 Benefiting the Planet: Our Impact Measured

🌎 1,330LBS: The amount of plastic we commit to removing from the ocean, every 12 months.

Tease x CleanHub Partnership
🌎 100%: Our core collection of functional tea blends are fully biodegradable, and refillable. All other packaging is sourced with the most suitable environmentally friendly options top of mind.
🌎 100%: The amount of carbon offsetting invested in every online order.
Tease x Shopify Planet Partnership
🌎 99.3: Our B-Corp score, solidifying our ongoing commitment to transparent and ethical social and environmental impact.
Tease x Benefit Corporation Partnership
🌎Benefiting the planet: our impact, unpacked
Meet the worlds first fully biodegradable & refillable tea collection:

We love beautiful packaging, but hate having to toss it. So we created an alternative.

From the outer tube packaging to our plant-based pyramid tea bags, our collection is 100% biodegradable and refillable.

Bonus: Every time you refill your packaging, you save $8. It's kinder to the planet & your wallet.

B-Corp: Tease is proudly a certified Benefit Corporation

Becoming the first tea company in Canada to become a B-corp, is a commitment to our ongoing journey for transparent & verified impact. The B Impact Assessment audits and validates businesses across five areas: Governance, Workers, Community, Environment, and Customers. The average business obtains a B Impact Score of 50.9, while a minimum score of 80 is required for a successful assessment.

Based on the B Impact Assessment, Tease earned an overall score of 99.3.

Plastic Neutral: Tease x CleanHub

CleanHub is a Berlin-based company using technology to keep plastic out of the sea by implementing waste recovery where there is none. Their solution enables proactive brands to fund and advance plastic recovery in coastal communities across Asia and Africa with the greatest risk of plastic entering the ocean.

Our contributions are directly invested in values aligned, CleanHub communities that focus on: Providing digital and financial literacy wellness training to 50+ women workers so they can own & manage their finances and bank account.

Carbon Offsetting: Tease x Shopify Planet

E-commerce shipping accounts for nearly 3% all of all global carbon emissions. Thanks to our partnership & investment in Planet, Tease offers carbon-neutral shipping at our cost, on every single online order.

Carbon-neutral shipping with Shopify Planet
Carbon-neutral shipping on all orders
shipping emissions removed
That's like...
kilometers driven by an average gasoline-powered car
We fund innovations in...

👯‍♀️ Benefiting women:

Our Why

Due to traditional & systemic barriers, less than 17% of businesses are majority owned by women. Yet studies show, If men and women participated equally as entrepreneurs the GDP could rise by $5 trillion globally and $80 billion in Canada. Gender equity also leads to more profitable and innovative companies. (Source BDC)

Our sister company, Founders Fund, is fully owned and operated by Tease. Inspired by our Founder's vision, Sheena created the community she wish existed when she began her entrepreneurial journey in 2013.

👯‍♀️ Benefiting Women: Our Impact Measured

👯‍♀️ $300,000+: The amount we have raised & distributed supporting diverse women founders providing educational events, mentor programming, and grant funding
Tease x FoundersFund.ca
👯‍♀️ 500+: The number of women founders who have been supported by our founders fund programming
Tease x FoundersFund.ca
👯‍♀️ 15: The number of women owned businesses that we've issued grant funding to, since 2019
Tease x FoundersFund.ca
👯‍♀️ Investing in women: our impact unpacked
Tease x Founders Fund

Supported by Tease, Founders Fund is an initiative supporting diverse women founders by providing mentorship, education, and barrier-free funding to women owned & led business across Canada & the US.

To date we have raised + distributed over $300k towards inclusively designed programming, providing mentorship, education and micro-grant funding that has supported over 500 founder and funded 15+ businesses.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG): Our Areas of Focus

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If you have any questions or feedback related to our impact pillars, connect directly with our Fractional Chief Impact Officer, Amanda Baker, Lead Impact Strategist at Baked Good Impact.