6 Women Founders to keep on your radar this month


There are some days when you need that extra dosage of inspiration to help you stay motivated throughout your journey. Whether you’re an emerging boss babe starting off or someone looking for some inspo to fire up that creative project you’ve always wanted to get done on your “to do” list, we compiled some of our favourite brands ruined by inspiring ladies championing their biz. Let’s take some time today to celebrate some awesome ladies that have been killing it, to #girlssupportinggirls!


1. Scrub Inspired, Jessica McNeil + Kiersten Hanly

Canadian Proud boss babe duo, Jessica McNeil + Kiersten Hanly, started their handmade scrub journey when they realized how misleading and confusing skincare products on the shelves are which made them question… “What am I putting on my skin and WHY??”. Solving their own question, they started Scurb Inspired from a thriving garden plant, added some sea salt, olive oil, and fruit zest straight from their pantry… and voila! The Birth of Scrub Inspired was formed from their own hands (literally) with the love and from people around them loving truly appreciating and supporting their handmade scrubs.

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2. Content Planner, Kat Gaskin

Totally relatable gal Kat Gaskin, shows us how it’s done to be a travel entrepreneur with an office by the ocean and swaying palm trees. After quitting her boxed 9-5 job back in October 2012, she decided to leave that lifestyle behind to pursue her dreams of running her own freelance business. Out came the idea of Content Planner, with the goal to help all the social media enthusiasts and entrepreneurs to write down all their bursts of ideas, creative postings, and more to help set up a successful plan that’s catered to YOU! By making the most of your time while keeping you on schedule with posting. You’d be surprised by the simple act of writing things down… it’s the most effective way to achieve your goals. It’s like putting it out to the universe, and the universe has always got your back girlfriend!



3. Tease Tea, Sheena Brady

Sheena Brady, started off her tea biz from the bustling New York city, when she fist encountered her love and destined journey as a Tea Sommelier…not long after, out came the creation of Tease Tea! Sheena wanted to provide everyone with a deeply enriched experience through Tease. Through the beauty of tea, Sheena wanted to provide the whole experience - bringing celebration with every blend and sip to compliment every moment of life. Not only was it important to providing a high quality tea blend & experience for people to enjoy, but also utilizing Tease to empower women from all around the world. With every purchase giving back a portion to support organizations dedicated to providing opportunities, support, and love for women, Tease Tea is truly a brand designed with the thought for every individual and the greater community in mind! Learn more about Chari'tea!


4.Ecojot, Carolyn Gavin

Creative painter and illustrator Carolyn Gavin based in Toronto creates vibrant, playful, and happy designs shared through her social media platforms and printed eco-friendly notebooks business Ecojots. Finding inspiration for her art through travel, flowers, exotic colours, and patterns, she shares her world of beauty and creativity through her craft and love for paper through her sustainable brand. Evojots is 100% post-consumer recycled and made entirely from old waste paper using vegetable based inks. How cool is Carolyn for creating these environmentally friendly notebooks while sharing the message to find the beauty through repurposing “old” to “new”. See some of her beautiful work designs HERE


5.Cyberderm, Sara Dudley

Sara Dudley, Executive Director of Cyberderm, specialising in skincare and suncare protection, recently launched sub brand Ava Isa. A newly formulated tinted primer + sunscreen combining modern day technology and high quality ingredients. Inspired by her daughter Ava Isabelle and being aware of the troubling statistic that in young women aged 25-30, skin cancer was the number one cancer killer, Sara wanted to bring Ava Isa to life alongside the journey of your daughter Ava to empower everyone with their personal skincare choices. How inspiring is this Boss Mommy??


6. Bare Me - Angie Tran

Ladies empowering ladies! After living and working in Asia and being very well friends with the popular skincare luxury facemasks, The Founder of Bare Me Beauty loved the concept of self-care products especially being able to pamper in the comfort in our own homes. But after realizing the shocking facts of the fearful ingredients used in many skincare products on the shelves, including the well-loved facemasks, it was time to do something about it. The creation of Bare Me Beauty is all about making a switch to clean beauty by providing the world with a face mask made with wholesome ingredients. Here's the twist, not just any kind of facemask, but a dry face mask formulated using innovative Canadian tech incorporating 100% natural ingredients, all the while, empowering and educating women each step of the way to transform their health and skin with their personal choices!! "


Author's Bio:

 Carrie Ly started Carrie Project as a personal project to create a outlet to release creativity. She felt if she was able to lighten someones day in someway through something she's created, or maybe made someone feel a little less alone in this crazy big world, or inspired someone in some way tiny way, that would make her the happiest person. "Carrie Project was started for me but at the end of the day it’s a place for all of us – we’re all family in this beautifully created world."