We believe through a cup of tea you can not only empower yourself by choosing the right brew to compliment your goals and desires - though you can also empower women around the world.

From shelters to startups, with every single sale, a portion of your order supports organizations on a mission to make the lives of women better. 

Each month we select a different organization to highlight and our criteria is simple: 

  • The organization can be a for profit, or not for profit
  • The organization is female founded + female led
  • The organizations core business or mission values is to improve the lives of women.

Take a look at the different "Chari'teas" our customers have supported.

Thank you to every tease lover who has supported our mission to empower women one sip at a time. 

Are you part of an organization or company that would like to be featured? Send us an email, we'd love to hear more!