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Five Fierce Female Feats - November Edition

November 29, 2016

Our top moments in modern feminism around the globe, all in one digest!

Nura Afia’s YouTube channel has thousands and thousands of subscribers.

And now you’ll be able to see the 24-year-old Afia — a beauty blogger who wears a hijab — in a CoverGirl advertisement.

Afia will a ppear in a commercial for CoverGirl, marking the first time a Muslim woman wearing a hijab has been featured in an ad for the brand.

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45 Tea Puns We Can't Get Enough Of

November 25, 2016


45 tea puns by tease tea

Those who are passionate about their tea are a breed unlike any other. These folks are not coffee freaks, they are a more sophisticated blending that tends to be misunderstood for their allegiance to their tea. 

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5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Matcha by Tea Sommelier & Tease Tea Founder Sheena Brady

November 12, 2016




It’s that awkward time of year when the weather seems to be having daily mood swings. Just as soon as it’s getting warmer, it turns around and bites you with some cold. These abrupt weather changes can cause symptoms of the cold and flu, and we risk not only our own functionality and health, but that of others too. Along with this, until it freezes over, allergies also run wild and affect many people. 

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Five Fierce Female Feats - October Edition

October 31, 2016

Our top moments in modern feminism around the globe, all in one digest!

Since her inception in the midst of World War II, the iconic female warrior superhero made famous in DC Comics has made great strides in displacing traditional female tropes such as the "damsel in distress," offering instead a strong, capable heroine with a strategic mind and incredible fighting capabilities who ranks as among the finest in her trade.

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