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Matcha Madness! 11 Matcha Recipes for Everyday Cooking

April 24, 2017

matcha tease tea
     Matcha is the hottest new tea in town and we thought it would be great to expand our horizons and try it on EVERYTHING. Turns out a few recipes actually taste amazing. We listed our favorites here, a sprinkle goes a long way and with Matcha's very real health benefits, more is better right?
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What is a Tea Sommelier?! 7 Questions with Sheena Brady

April 19, 2017

sheena brady tease tea

Tease Tea was founded by a certified Tea Sommelier, Sheena Brady, and the world of tea has become more and more modern as younger generations warm to the idea of tea in everyday life. I sat down with Sheena over a cup of tea and asked her about the job, the inspiration, and the education required to become a certified Tea Sommelier. 




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20% Off all week for Equal Pay Day: Bridging the Gap

April 04, 2017

Tease Tea Equal Pay Day 20% OFF

Because men earn 20% more, we’re offering a 20% discount all week. Simply use code #EQUALPAY

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April 03, 2017

Tease Tea DIY Spring Beauty Recipes with Tea Sommelier Sheena Brady

If you’re not so much into drinking the stuff, there are other ways to benefit from its properties. Tea is good for your skin from inside and out,

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