1. Where is the tea sourced?

It may be something you have never considered before, where are the tea leaves from and what are the conditions in which they are grown? We are proud to say that all our tea blends are selected from the top 10% of premium tea leaves from sustainably managed gardens from around the globe that practice ethical working environments. We take social responsibility seriously here at Tease.

2. Are the flavours all natural?

There are some absolutely mouth-watering blends on the market, but some of them achieve their end result flavours by including additives and unnatural flavours. All of our ingredients are listed on each packaging blends so you can see for your own peace of mind. Our trained tea sommelier has perfected each blend with all natural ingredients to achieve various crave worthy results.


3. Can you see the tea leaves?

These days many items are purchased online, and at times it can be a daunting experience. If you are supporting an e-commerce company or simple selecting to shop online you want to know what your tea is going to look like and what to expect. Many customers say that being able to see what the tea leaves look like is an important aspect of selecting a tea brand.



4. That’s What She Said!

Listen to your friends, or bloggers you enjoy following. Social media is a great way to learn more about a company and their products. Does the company have any social media presence or is it all outdated? We love sharing our reviews and images from our valued customers.


5. Does the company pay it forward?

This is something worth considering with any product you purchase- does the company share similar values? Give back to organizations they care about? Here at Tease, giving back is ingrained in our mission as a company. From Day 1, we have committed to giving a portion of all our proceeds to organizations that support and empower women.