100% Biodegradable & Unbleached Tea Bags

Our new pyramid bags are made from unbleached biodegradable materials so you don't have to worry about throwing them in the garbage.

Support Charities That Empower Women

From shelters to startups, a portion of proceeds from every purchase supports charities that are dedicated to women’s empowerment.

Ethically Sourced Tea

We take pride in working with tea packers who source from the top 10% grade of tea gardens around the globe that are sustianably managed.

Renewable Packaging

Our tea packaging is made from 100% recycled materials using 75% less waste than conventional packaging manufacturing.

"This tea is delicious and helps me with each area I was hoping. I’m not feeling my cravings or slumps like I was before. I have energy and focus and don’t want all the nasty foods."

-Amy R, Skinny in the City

" I bought this tea for my husband as Earl Grey is his favourite tea. I tried Starbucks Earl Grey once and I absolutely hated it. I decided to try a sip of my husband's tea anyway, surprisingly I found it delicious! Tease Teas are amazing, I have yet to try one that I didn't like. Thank you Tease Tea for creating all of your delicious blends! Your teas have become apart of my daily routine."

-Maria S, Duchess of Earl

"Upon receiving my order, I was so happy to find a sample tea as well as a free tea pot. Not only do I continue to reorder my favourite tea but am humbled by their sweet surprises in the delivery package. Sincerest thanks and best wishes for continued success in your business endeavours."

-Dona T.

"This tea is Amazing!! It smells wonderful with the rose notes and it tastes delicious. This tea is very smooth/creamy tasting and it doesn't need any sweeteners added to it at all. I really enjoy drinking this tea in the morning when I'm getting ready for my day. I definitely will be commending this tea to my tea lover friends that appreciate a good tea."

-Kochana J, Duchess of Earl

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