Our Team

About the Founder

"I want to help people choose wellness in a cup. Tea that compliments their every goal and desire.

Tea to self empower, while empowering women around the world."

-Sheena Brady, Founder + Certified Tea Sommelier

Sheena Brady
CEO, Founder & Certified Tea Sommelier

6 years ago, Sheena Brady started blending tea out of her tiny condo in Downtown Toronto as a creative side hustle. Little did she know it was about to be her one true love and she became a Certified Tea Sommelier. Her vision was always about empowering women and supporting them through her Charitea program she started to give back to organizations dedicated to women’s empowerment.

Sheena's passion is fuelled by having experienced moments of challenges and adversity throughout her life, with a desire to be a part of creating a better support system for others. Asking Sheena to pick a favourite tea is like asking her to pick a favourite child. One of her most loved however is Matcha for its calm, clarity and focus benefits.

Our Team

Amanda Baker
Chief Operating Officer

Amanda leads our team in marketing, logistics and social impact. When she's not supporting the team or planning the next quarters campaigns, you can find her curled up with a good book and a big mug of Midnight Mint to calm her after a busy day of meetings.

Patrick Cullen
Financial Controller

Patrick oversees all things related to finance, while creating processes to help grow and scale these operations effectively. When he's not strategizing or chasing down invoices, you can find him sipping on Turmeric Tonic.

Fiona Khaema
Fulfillment Manager

Fiona runs our fulfillment operations ensuring every customer is taken care of. She's often creating art through her company Anaya Arts or enjoying a cup of Aim Chai