The Why Behind Our Packaging

Tease is the World’s First fully refillable and 100% biodegradable tea collection

We believe wellness rituals shouldn’t be complicated. That’s why we create functional tea and botanical based essentials that compliment your goals without compromising convenience, sustainability or impact.

The care and intention behind our packaging spans from outer tube to the tea leaves you find inside of our pyramid bags! When designing our packaging, we sought to elevate the retail presence of our blends while ensuring they meet our rigorous standards for sustainability and functionality.

Let’s take a look:


We designed our blends to look- and feel- luxurious. Our packaging features a beautiful gold foiling along with splashes of watercolor designed to emulate the color of each blend, steeped.

Our compostable, food grade paper tubes are printed with vegetable inks for higher compost quality and are fully refillable! Simply replace the inner refill pack to enjoy your favourite blends at a lower price-point per serving.

Each of our unique blends also feature a thought-provoking quote on the underside of the lid from a woman founder in our Founders Fund community.


While our plant-based refill packs might look like foil, they’re made exclusively from plant based fibers and are 100% biodegradable. Our refill packaging is designed to keep your blends fresh for longer, by protecting them from elements that deteriorate the quality, taste and look of your tea & botanicals. They’re also compact, allowing us (and our partners) to help reduce our carbon footprint during the shipping process.


Our pyramid bags are 100% plastic free, made from non-GMO sugarcane and abaca. The seams of our pyramid bags are joined together ultrasonically with the use of heat. In well-equipped municipal composting facilities, our pyramid bags will break down in 3-5 days. They also break down efficiently with at-home compost systems! Even in regular soil, our pyramid bags will break down in less than 3 years- far quicker than traditional tea bags.

We chose our pyramid shape to ensure you get the most out of your blends: the ample amount of free space in our pyramid bags is an intentional effort to give you tea leaves lots of room to expand, unfurl and move around. This allows the water to extract maximum flavour and nutrients from every steep!


You’ll find nothing but the highest quality, whole leaf tea and botanical ingredients in our pyramid bags. Our tea comes from the top 10% of tea gardens in the world and is sourced sustainably through the Ethical Tea Partnership.

Each of our blends are hand blended to ensure consistency in quality, freshness and taste, and are expertly formulated by our Founder & Tea Sommelier along with our Herbalist and Nutritionist to deliver the best in both functionality and taste.

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