10+ Stockist Perks You'll Want to Know About

We do wholesale differently. 

We're on a mission to redefine the wholesale-stockist relationship, and we're invested in the success of our stockists. 
That means providing and improving the supports available to our partners so that we continue to meet the needs of modern-day retailers.

Tease Wellness Wholesale Review

Here are 10 Stockist Perks you can take advantage of as a Tease Stockist: 

1. Generous Wholesale Margins 
We know that the cost of running a business is higher than ever. That's why we offer between 50-65% margins for our stockists, so that you can get the most from every sale!

2. Accessible MOQ's & MOV's
We work with stockists of all sizes, and that many of you have limited shelf and storage space, which is why we've kept our minimum order quantities to 6 units/sku, with additional discounts when you purchase 12 units or more/sku.
Our opening order minimum is $200, and our reorder minimum is just $150.

3. 24-48 Hour Fulfillment
Wholesale orders are fulfilled within 24-48 hours, with most orders shipped same-day when placed by 1pm EST.

4. Extended Shelf Life
We've designed our packaging to keep your blends fresh for longer. Benefit from 4+ year shelf life on all of your blends (a benefit your customers will love, too!)

5. Marketing + Digital Supports
Your time is valuable. That's why each of our stockists has access to a robust (and growing!) collection of E-Commerce and social assets for a seamless integration with your social media and online storefronts. 

6. In-Store Support + Sampling
Our relationships go beyond the transaction, with opportunities for staff training, live samplings, product support for special events & fundraisers, as well as in-store pop-up opportunities.

7. Our Buy-Back/Upgrade Policy
Let us upgrade you: We know transitioning product from old packaging or formulation to new can be a challange, so we've made it a breeze! Simply get in touch and let us know how many units you have on hand, and we'll issue you a credit for up to half of your inventory to invest our new variation. You keep the product and use it for your team or as a Gift With Purchase.

8. Postal Code Protection
We understand you want to be a destination for your clients and customers, offering unique products and experiences. That's why we've implemented our Postal Code Protection policy- so that you don't have to worry about nearby competitors. 

9. Samples At Your Fingertips
We understand the importance of first-hand experience when it comes to selling product and so we include samples in each of our Wholesale Orders for you and your team to enjoy.

10. Luxury White Glove Service
We pride ourselves in the level of thought and care we provide our partners and strive for excellence in our retail relationships. You can expect routine check-ins from your Accounts Manager, as well as plenty of opportunities to give feedback on both product and service. 
Is there a tool or support that would help you and your team on the front lines? We want to know about it! 

11. Our Retailer Referral Program
We know that business owners are some of the most well-connected people and word of mouth is the most valuable marketing tool. Do you know a Retailer that would make a great fit for us? Refer a Retailer, and you'll receive a $75.00 gift card when they place their opening order! Plus, they'll receive 10% off their first order.

Questions? Suggestions? Please contact Aly at aly@teasewellness.com

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