Tease Tea on CBC's Dragons Den Season 15 Update

Tease Tea Founder & Tea Sommelier Sheena Brady partnered with COO Amanda Baker to delivered a pitch to CBC's Dragons Den this past November. You've been asking for updates and here's what we can share:


 Tease Tea CBC Dragons Den Sheena Brady Amanda Baker 
We accepted a deal! Well, at least on TV anyway. While the terms of the deal may have surprised some, We had one motive - To continue conversations post episode, vs walking away entirely. TV vs real life are two very different experiences and here's what happened after the show aired:

Tease Tea Founder Sheena Brady, and Dragon Vince Guzzo continued conversations and negotiations for a few weeks. For Sheena, it was important to land a strong partner with aligned values and access to new opportunities. This was more important than accessing capital itself.

Ultimately, after several conversations and negotiations post show, Sheena decided to actually walk away and continues to own 100% ownership of Tease Tea.
Pitching to the Dragons and working with the shows producers was a great experience overall, and our team was thankful to be a part of season 15.
 Tease Tea on CBC Dragons Den

About Tease Tea:

At Tease Tea, we believe that every sip counts.
The little things we do every day can have a big impact on ourselves and the people around us.

That’s why we make all-natural, loose-leaf tea blends that aren’t just good for you.
They’re good for our planet.

Tease Tea & Founders Fund: Investing in Women

Tease Tea Dragons Den Amanda Baker, COO of Tease Tea and Founders Fund

Amanda Baker, COO of Tease Tea & Founders Fund

“It’s bigger and more intentional than buzzwords when it comes to diversity & inclusion. It’s about being incredibly intentional about creating and building spaces where people feel seen and welcome. Founders Fund has been architecting this from day one, to support a wide spectrum of intersectional founders beyond gender identity or race. It’s age, sexual orientation, disability, socioeconomics and everything in between. We’ll never get it perfect, but we’ll always keep trying.” 

Tease Tea & Founders Fund: Investing in Women

 Tease Tea Founders Fund  Dragons Den

Each tea you invest in is also an investment in opportunities and support for women all across the globe through our social mission of empowering women owned businesses through our community enrichment programs.

To date we have contributed & raised over $100k to elevate underrepresented women owned businesses gain access to funding and mentorship through our Founders Fund program. Learn more at FoundersFund.ca

For inquires including wholesale, media & press email hello@teasetea.com