Jillian Harris x Tease Collab with Golden Slumbers is here!

Jillian Harris is a name that's likely familiar to anyone with a love for home decor, fashion, and all things lifestyle-related.

We have a deep admiration for Jillian Harris because she is a champion supporter of small businesses, a founder of a Canadian women-owned brand, and an advocate for environmental sustainability. These shared values closely align with our own, making our brands a natural fit for one another!


Jillian Harris 2023 Spring Box


That's why we are so excited to share that our Golden Slumbers wellness tea blend is featured in the Spring 2023 Jilly BoxThe Jilly Box is a collection of carefully curated products from Jillian's favourite brands and is thoughtfully curated with a seasonal touch.


We've enhanced our sleep support blend, Golden Slumbers, with the powerful addition of valerian root for the Spring Jilly Box. Valerian root will give you the extra support you need to get the restorative rest you deserve.


Golden Slumbers Spring Jilly Box