Spring Artist Spotlight: Fiona Khaemba of Anaya Arts

Every season we feature a new artist to collaborate with to create gorgeous collectible postcards that come packed in every Tease order!

This season Fiona Khaemba of Anaya Arts has created a spring version of her piece City Girl for us (see below!) featuring bright florals.

Anaya Arts
is a minimalist art brand inspired by representation. We are all about creative self-expression through art while amplifying voices & celebrating diversity.

When did you know that art was going to be a permanent part of your life and work?

It took me almost 30 years to accept art into my life and I only knew that it was here to stay when I gave it a voice and began filling a void by representing the underrepresented.

How would you describe your art in 3 words?

Minimalist, intricate and unique.

When do you feel most creative? (time of day, season, setting...any way you want to answer it!)

When creativity hits me, I just grab my sketchbook if I can. But for the most part, if something inspires me, I'll take note of the creative direction. My phone is full of possible ideas!! As the business side of things is slowly starting to take over, I find comfort in knowing that I have ideas worth exploring if I ever have a creative block or time is not on my side.



Who are the women that inspire you most?

My mom inspires me because she's so fearless. I am shy and not as confident as her, but there's a quote that says, "Believe in someone else's belief in you" and my mom has always known I had an artistic side, she was just waiting for me to find out for myself.

What keeps your creativity fresh and flowing?

This is a tough one as I went through a creative block in 2020. It was a mix of stress from Covid, the racial injustices and keeping my small business afloat. But this year, I am exploring new themes and ideas, which I think is healthy in reactivating my creativity and inspiration.

What kind of routines or rituals do you use to take care of yourself? (daily walk, X amount of water per day, calling your mom every Sunday....etc.)34

I shamelessly love to Netflix and chill. As an artpreneur, my mind is always running, so this helps to quiet the noise sometimes.