How Tea Can Help You Stay Motivated This Winter

Tease Tea Loose Leaf Tea Functional Tea

Author Josh Elizetxe / Category Lifestyle / Published: November 2019

How to Stay Fit In Winter Season

Time is really flying by fast as the winter season is now just a few weeks away. And certainly, almost everyone is excited about the upcoming holiday. Aside from receiving gifts and obtaining discounts from your favourite stores, the holiday season also means festivities and parties. Not to mention, breaks and rest periods from all the responsibilities at school and work.

With all of these things at hand, it very likely for one to forget about fitness for a while. Besides, it’s just a few days or weeks of break. And the new year will arrive shortly which will prompt the need for new fitness routines.

While this notion is very likely to happen for some, keep in mind that you can still stay fit during the winter season, without spoiling all the fun of the holidays. Although it may still require time and effort, your health will definitely thank you in the long run. In fact, you can even skip the need for phentermine prescription come the new year.

Here are some of the best and most practical ways that you can do during the winter to stay fit and healthy:

Tease Tea Loose Leaf Tea Functional Tea


#1. Exercise Regularly

The best way to stay fit during the winter season is to continue exercising regularly. No matter what the season is, this is the best option for living a fit and healthy life. So, you must not disregard this despite the cravings for sleep, rest, and other things that require your time and attention.

Your exercise routines during the winter need not be rigorous or time-consuming. As it happens, just by spending 30 minutes to an hour per day will already provide significant results to your health.

#2. Sun Exposure

Exposing yourself to the sun during the winter season is essential. Spending just 10 to 20 minutes under the sun every morning will help you become fitter and healthier. This is because it helps provide you with vitamin D, which is crucial for bone health.

Aside from your bones, the vitamin D that is synthesized in your skin will be able to “tame” inflammation and boost immunity. These are the things that you will need, especially during the winter season as the colds and flu are very apparent due to the climate.

It is also worth noting that sufficient sun exposure can improve blood circulation. It has been found that sunshine “triggers” the release of nitric oxide. This compound is responsible for opening blood vessels. As a result, blood flow will be much improved.

#3. Drink Hot Tea

Anything hot and warm is helpful during the cold season. This is why soups, coffees, and teas are very rampant in the winter season. But, if you are intending to stay fit and healthy, you may want to ditch the coffee. Instead, replace it with tea as it offers more health benefits.

Aside from helping to keep you warm, teas are rich in antioxidants that are essential to your overall system. While all types of teas are helpful, each kind of tea has its own unique set of benefits.

Here are some of the best tea for the winter season:

Ginger Root Tea

The benefits of ginger root tea include relieving stress and nausea, improving respiratory conditions, reducing inflammation, and improving stomach functions.

Aim Chai | Energy Tea

Over at Tease, the brand offers the popular Chai Love You, which is basically a mixture of black tea, dark chocolate, and chai spices. The benefit of this tea mainly focuses on boosting energy levels. Also, it’s very delicious, according to consumers.

Turmeric Tonic | Wellness Tea

Another popular tea from Tease is their Turmeric Tonic. It is a mixture of ginger, turmeric, carrot, beet, and pineapple. Aside from being delicious, it is a popular choice because it is designed as a wellness tea, hence, the name.

Hibiscus Tea | Triple Teatox Evening Blend

Hibiscus tea is also a great choice for the winter season. The benefits of drinking this tea include a reduction in blood pressure and blood sugar levels. It also aids digestion, weight loss, and menstrual cramps. Not to mention, it is rich in vitamin C, which is great for boosting and strengthening immunity. Our Triple Teatox Evening blend contains hibiscus as one of it’s main ingredients, and can help boost your digestion and reduce bloating (something especially helpful for those holiday dinners!)

Tease Tea Loose Leaf Tea Functional Tea


#4. Maintain A Healthy Diet

Aside from exercising, the best way to stay fit, even when it’s not winter, is to maintain a healthy diet. Your meal consumption plays a huge role in your fitness and health.

When maintaining a healthy diet, ensure that you check your macros. While it’s pretty tedious, this can be very helpful if you really want to stay fit.

#5. Drink Plenty Of Water

In relation to maintaining a healthy diet, you must also be mindful of your water consumption. It is worth noting that hydration is not only crucial during the hot or summer season. This is because the cold and winter season also causes tremendous dehydration. So, it is very important that you drink plenty of water.

You may want to further increase your water consumption too, but, as long as your drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water per day, you’ll keep your body well hydrated.

#6. Play Your Way To Healthy Lifestyle

As mentioned, staying fit and healthy during the holidays will still require time and effort. But even so, you don’t need to be hard on yourself. In fact, there are several activities that you can do to stay fit and enjoy the holiday at the same time. And it will benefit the whole family as participation from your loved ones may be required.

Many games and activities- like skiing or snowboarding- are unique to the winter season, making them more enjoyable. The more you move during the winter, the better.


Staying fit and healthy – in general, is not an easy task. It will always entail time, effort, determination, and hard work; and so much more when winter comes as this is the time when rest and sleep can be especially enticing. Nevertheless, the tips above are very practical, enjoyable, and simple, but still effective and efficient. So, keep them all in mind and give them a go as winter approaches.


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