Hot Mulled Chai Cider And The Tea Benefits Of Fall Spices



T’is finally the season for knit hats, blanket scarves and comforting beverages that not only keep you warm, but also clear-minded and better prepared to battle flu season.

Hot mulled cider in particular, is a popular festive choice this time of year, with it’s warm blend of aromatic spices. We’ve got the in-cider scoop on the best hot mulled drink you need in your life this season (and next!).

When you think of hot mulled cider, it’s likely you think of the traditional apple variety, but chai like Aim Chai actually contains a lot of the same spices found in mulled apple cider: normally some combination of cinnamon, clove, star anise and nutmeg. But chai tea also contains powerful immune-supporting ingredients like ginger, black pepper, cardamom and sometimes fennel.

Several of these ingredients work to improve circulation, reduce inflammation and promote good digestion.




Drinking Chai Is A Tradition!


Chai, itself is a centuries-old beverage that’s been highly revered within both Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese medicines. And with good reason; It has some pretty wonderful tea benefits that most of us see great value in. It is delicious and can be used in a variety of different recipes as well.

Chai tea comes as both an herbal tea (or, herbal tisane) or as a (normally black) tea blend, so it can be enjoyed at any time of day.

When made with black tea, Chai benefits your mental clarity without contributing to any jitters, anxiety or mid-day crashes that often accompany coffee. Because of it’s high antioxidant count, enjoying your caffeinated Chai can also help to protect your body against cell degeneration and eliminate harmful compounds caused by pollutants and chemicals we consume in our diet.

Black tea aside, the staple ingredients in both herbal and caffeinated Chai tea are very similar, and host a ton of tea benefits:

Cinnamon, arguably the most common ingredient between Chai tea, benefits our health in a myriad of ways. Not only does it carry anti-inflammatory properties, but it’s high in antioxidants, may improve your sensitivity to insulin, lower blood sugar levels and even help to reduce cholesterol. It’s also been shown to have antimicrobial effects. 

Another of Chai tea’s powerhouse ingredients, ginger, is a great aid for both digestion and nausea and has demonstrated ability to help fight the flu and common cold. Ginger also has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and is often used to help alleviate menstrual pain.

The calendula found in our Aim Chai blend also carries anti-inflammatory properties, and has been used to help calm and relax muscles while Mallow is great for soothing an irritated throat or dry cough.





The In-Cider Scoop On What Makes Our Aim Chai  Tea Stand Out

This isn’t your grandma’s Chai blend (though we’re sure that’s lovely, too!). Our 
Aim Chai blend is smooth, decadent and fragrant, but is also designed with special consideration to increase your focus and mental clarity so that you can skip that third cup of coffee. With the holiday season fast approaching, this is a great advantage.

The powerful tea benefits of this loose leaf tea are the bonus to this delicious treat, and dressing it up for company is both quick and easy!

Instead of traditional apple cider, why not brew your Aim Chai into your fresh-pressed apple cider and make it extra special?

If you’ve got any dinner parties or gatherings coming up, why not serve up some Aim Chai tea lattes, topped with whipped cream and a cinnamon stick for stirring? Top with a sprinkle of cinnamon for an added touch, and you’re all set: Happy mind, soul and tummy!


About the Author: Aly Dort is a freelance illustrator and stationery designer living in Halifax, N.S. She is passionate about mental health, social sustainability and empowering those around her.