Guest Post: 5 Things Only Your Bestie Will Understand

Our besties are our rocks, our go to's - the ones that we bare all our secrets ( not to mention embarrassing stories). Galentine's Day is this month and we cannot wait to create more memories with our BFFS as they truly are the only ones out there who really understand the silly things about us.

1. Your favourite ice cream on a rough day

Ice cream heals all wounds, and a best friend knows exactly which flavour to bring you even on your lowest of days.

2. You can read each others’ minds

BFF telepathy is a real thing! Best friends just have a way of knowing exactly what the other is thinking without even saying a word.

3. You can be brutally honest

It may not always feel good, but a push from your best friend is exactly what you need sometimes — and they always have your best interest at heart.

4. They’re your favourite drinking buddy

Whether you just got dumped or had a tough week at the office, they’ll always be there with your favourite drink (we’ll take tequila, with a dance party chaser!). They also be there to make you After Partea the next morning.

5. Nothing changes

Life can and will pull you in different directions, but time and distance have nothing on your special bond. No matter how far, the time apart will only make every moment together even better.

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