How to Make Green Tea Taste Good: Beat Bitter Flavors with These 7 Tips

Green Tea


New health research and especially the famous Chinese medicine, emphasizes the health benefits of green tea. Several nutrients and antioxidants are contained in green tea that offers tremendous health benefits. They can shrink-down the risks of your body developing cancer. They can also help to prevent dementia, weight loss, and several other benefits.

Here are seven quick-fire tips to help you make tasty green tea that will give you the most health benefits all-season long.


Buy Quality Green Tea Bags


For the best results, always try to use the best green tea you can find. Even though they may be a little expensive, quality tea bags usually offer better flavors and naturally give better results. 

For excellent taste, patronize the best ingredients all the time.


Try to Steep Briefly


It is easy to get distracted during the process of tea making, and many people easily fall victim to this mistake. You'll not get what you need if you toss your tea bag into hot water and leave it steeping for even as long as 10 minutes. What comes out of that is bitter tasting green tea. 

For the best brew, your green tea should not be steeped for longer than 2 minutes.


Green Tea


Keep Eyes on Water Temperature


Tea brewing is just as delicate as preparing any other meal. Just like you would have everything set up, including your cooking temperature when preparing your favorite meal, the same applies to tea making. 

Tea kettles that have built-in temperature controls are the best way to go. Or, you try other alternatives. However, the ideal temperature for green tea brewing is between 167F to 176F. 


Choose Delectable Flavorings


Most people don't find the natural green tea flavor alone to be satisfactory. Even so, one can get bored with the same taste all the time. However, there are a ton of delightful flavorings you can add to spice things up. 

A dash of lemon juice or lemon slices can neutralize bitter taste, especially if you have steeped for too long. Other great flavorings are raw sugar, honey, stevia leaf, and an endless lineup of several other scrumptious flavorings.  

  Green Tea


Add Some Healthy Herbs


The first step is to use a true tea-base which typically interprets into your oolong tea, white tea, black tea, or green tea. From there, you can blend your tea-base with other herbal teas, flowers, or spices for a more bursting flavor.

You can improvise with your own homemade tea blends by totaling a few dried or fresh flower blossoms to your tea. Some popular alternatives are green teas that have been permeated with fruits. They have a more vibrant and sweeter flavor compared to the standard teas.


Add Some Mint


Morocco is famous for mint-infused green tea. Mint itself is known for the exceptional crisp flavor it offers and its refreshing finish. Among several other benefits, mint helps to drown away any bitter/sour details in your tea that may have developed from weak brewing. 

You can add two to three fresh mint-leaves to each teaspoon of green tea to activate the power of mint in your brew. Brew and steep briefly using hot water. Remove the leaves before you drink your tea.


Green Tea


Introduce Spices


Spices help to diminish sour notes from your tea blend. Some wonderful spices include cardamom, cinnamon, and fresh ginger. These spices have several health benefits, including digestive health benefits (especially in ginger) and, they also add a ton of sweetness to your brew.


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