The Daily Benefits of Tease Tea

Tease Tea


You wake up in the morning feeling foggy and out of sorts. You aren’t as productive as you should be. You’re sick more often than ever before, and you aren’t hitting your fitness goals. In fact, you’re struggling to get much done at all.  

What can you do? Should you drink more coffee, or chug energy drinks to stay on top of things? That’s objectively unhealthy, and certainly not a long term solution. Fortunately, there are many positive actions you can take to improve your health, increase your energy, and boost your productivity. One of these is simple, relaxing, and delicious. Drink tea! The teas we provide come in a variety of blends made to help you live a better life.


Tease Tea Helps You Feel Better About Your Choices


It’s hard to deny it. We live in stressful, often disheartening times. If you’re increasingly distressed by the state of the planet, wage inequality, and other issues, it’s easy to feel discouraged. The best cure for this is empowerment.

Each one of us can, in small ways, influence change by the choices we make each day. When you choose to drink Tease teas, you:

  • Help empower women through our Charitea
  • Provide support to a woman-owned business established to hire women, and support them as they work towards their goals.
  • Support fair trade practices in the tea industry.
  • Put your money behind businesses that have adopted sustainable practices.


Tease Tea


Lower Stress with Tea and Get Better Sleep


Anxiety can impact your physical health, your sleep, and your productivity. Tease Tea offers several tea blends to help promote relaxation, improve sleep, and reduce anxiety. In fact, our self-care elixir was recently featured in FabFitFun's video 5 Tips for Starting the New Year Off Fresh.

Kristin E. is especially drawn to our Calming Chamomile blend. She appreciates that we leave our chamomile flowers whole so that you know you’re getting a genuine, top-quality product.


Improve Your Focus and Increase Your Energy


The right tea blend can contribute to your overall well-being. When combined with a healthy lifestyle, the teas we have blended to boost focus and increase energy can make a noticeable difference in your day. Enjoy increased focus, and more energy. Even better, you’ll get these benefits from a healthy, natural drink, not one that’s loaded chemicals and additives. Even better, tea can provide you with a sustainable energy boost without the crash associated with energy drinks and other high caffeine products.

One of our more popular teas is the Aim Chai Energy tea. Terri P. loves to energize her mornings with this tea. Sometimes, she adds a cube of sugar and a splash of cashew milk to make this rich tea even lusher.


Tease Tea


Keep Sickness Away with Tease Tea


When your immune system is on top of its game, sickness stays away. In the event that you do come down with something, your healthy immune system can ensure that it’s mild and short-lived. We have several, healthy, antioxidant-filled teas that contain healthy ingredients like turmeric.


The Impact of Tea on Pregnancy and Your Cycle


Cramps, exhaustion, and irritability are the tell-tale signs for many women that their period is just around the corner. This is also the state of misery and can make a week or more of the month pretty awful. Then there’s the bloating.  

Fortunately, there are some healthy drinks to help you get through this each month. Water is one of these. Another is tea. To help with this, we’ve created several blends to alleviate your period symptoms.  

You can also use tea to make your pregnancy just a bit easier. Blends like our midnight mint, relaxation tea are caffeine-free and perfect for relaxing. That’s something nearly every woman needs during pregnancy.

Brianna keeps PMS tea stocked on her shelf at all times. It helps her with cramps and bloating during her period. She also uses it for stomach pains, even when it’s not that time of the month.


Tease Tea


Reducing Hangover Fog


Overdid it? You aren’t alone. We’ve all been there. A rough morning after often means being dehydrated, exhausted, nauseated, and headachy. You don’t need to chug sugary ‘sports’ drinks, eat greasy food, or take pills that are bad for your liver. Instead, use tea to take a healthy, natural approach to help you feel better. 

Good quality tea can rehydrate you, settle your tummy, and give you a natural energy boost. Isn’t that much better than sticky sodas, black coffee, and aspirin?


Helping Mothers Power Through the Day


Moms know that when their energy is low and their moods are poor, everyone suffers. This is just one reason we offer our Mother’s collection of teas. The other is a tea made specifically to help nursing moms boost their supply and prevent colicky symptoms.

Arianne enjoys drinking our Herbal Nursing tea. She says it tastes amazing and helps her relax. The fact that it boosts her milk supply for her little one is an absolute bonus!


Tease Tea


Tea is Amazing! Tease Tea Takes Tea to the Next Level


Is there any other beverage that can help women whether they are menstruating, pregnant, or nursing? What about any beverage that can cure nausea and help you get over a hangover? Tea can do all of these things and more. We’re proud to offer a variety of tea blends to help you stay happier, healthier, energized, and more productive. Even better, and thanks to your support, we do this while making our planet a better place to live and empowering women.



About the Author: Erica Sunarjo is a professional marketer and writer with more than five years of experience. In addition to writing, she is also an expert in legal translation, editing, and proofreading at The Word Point. Helping writers achieve more with their content is one of her passions, so she frequently publishes guides on writing for the web for beginners.