Cityline TV Presents High Tea with Sheena Brady

Have you ever wanted to do something different with your friends? Instead of hosting your typical luncheon, try hosting a High Tea party with your gang! (See full segment below)


sheena brady high tea cityline tv


Sheena paired 2 different tea's to coordinate the flavours of the sandwiches and pastries chef Jason Parsons prepared. Sheena paired Tease Tea's Jasmine Afterhours Green tea to compliment the savoury flavours of Parsons smoked salmon rolls. "What's unique about this is it's blended and scented with jasmine flowers that are grown between the hours of midnight and 6am, when they're most fragrant ." Sheena also shared a pro tip for drinking green tea is to never use boiling water, to avoid burning the tea leaves creating a bitter taste. 


sheena brady cityline tv high tea


Tracy Moore, host of Cityline TV, was curious about the proper method to drink tea. To her surprise, Sheena validated that as a professional Tea Sommelier, when you're tasting tea you are supposed to slurp it. "It's very similar to drinking wine. You're aerating it in your mouth and absorbing all the unique flavours and nuances." says Sheena. 


sheena brady cityline tv high tea


For her 2nd pairing, Sheena brought out our Duchess of Earl blend to compliment Parsons strawberry and rhubarb curd tarts. The creamy complexity of this blend goes well with the decadent tarts. "Black tea is tanic and full-bodied enough to stand up next to desserts like these."


sheena brady cityline tv high tea


Watch the full segment to see all the recipes and expertise from our tea sommelier Sheena Brady. Have your own high tea this weekend for Mom!