4 Ways to Turn Your Average Weekend into A Stellar Weekend

Every Friday we get excited for the weekend. It’s the best time to kick back, relax and let go of everyday stress. But with such limited free time we have, how can we turn a normal, regular weekend into something memorable? Often times we are creatures of habit, doing the same kinds of activities whenever we get a free moment.




Here are 4 ways that you can take a regular weekend and turn each moment of free time into something you won’t forget (with tea)!


Get Outside 

 Now that warmer weather is approaching, it’s the perfect time to fully enjoy it and spend every free moment you have outside. Whether you’re a fan of living an active lifestyle or would rather use your weekends to relax with a cup of tea, you can accomplish all those things outside. For the more active type, a fun activity is to go on a daylong hike, find some local trails, or just check out your local state park. If you’d rather take in full relaxation for your weekend, you can still enjoy the outdoors by checking out your local zoo or sipping on your favorite cup of tea on a patio. However you choose to enjoy the outdoors, being outside and soaking in warmer weather will be sure to take your weekend to the next level!


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Try Out Different Beauty Looks

 It’s easy for all of us to get stuck in the same makeup routine for the work week. You put a little bit of eyeliner here, a dab of mascara there and run out the door before you even have a chance to fully make sure you don’t have any smudges. But on the weekends, with more free-time, why not use this opportunity to experiment with different makeup looks? If we know anything, it’s that practice makes perfect and perfecting the art of a winged eyeliner could be the highlight of your weekend. If you’re feeling extra experimental, dare to do something different with your hair. As the seasons change, many people will be switching up their locks for something brighter. You can go lighter or be extra bold and dye your hair a fun color such as rose gold or even green!


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Spend Time With Those You Love

 As most people are preoccupied during the week with anxiety, work stress and busy schedules, it’s worth it to slow down and enjoy your free time with the ones you love. While there are many cures to help you deal with stress, like our anxiety and stress relief teas, a perfect way to wind down is to spend your free time with those you feel most comfortable with. Sunday dinner has been known to be the perfect occasion to do just this. Enjoying a family dinner is the perfect way to top off your weekend, enjoy delicious food with those your love and head into the work week with happiness and a positive attitude.



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Accomplish Things & Take it Easy


This is the key to not only having a fun weekend, but also making it a successful one. With only 48 hours of uninterrupted free time, it only makes sense to take advantage of it in every possible way. While you should absolutely take time to relax and unwind, the weekend is the best time to also accomplish things you don’t have time for during the week. Need to go grocery shopping? Have bills you have to take care of? Use your free time during the weekend to check off those tasks that need to get done. Finding the perfect balance of both relaxing but also being productive will help you relieve stress for the upcoming work week.


No matter how you choose to spend your weekend, being mindful and taking advantage of the free time you have available will be sure to make every weekend amazing.


How do you make your weekends memorable?