4 Reasons To Introduce Tea Service In-Store

Whether you're a salon, gift shop or beauty-centered brick & mortar, introducing tea service into your business can really set the tone for how your customers or clients feel- and remember- your business. Here are our top 5 reasons you should consider adding service to your space.

  1. Strengthen Rapport

Not only is the offer of a warm beverage a practical gesture during the cold winter months, but it is a great conversation starter.  First impressions are invaluable to the brick & mortar business, and servicing blends is a high value yet low cost way to elevate your in-store experience.

  1. Retain Customers Longer

Keeping your customers in-store long enough to explore and discover your thoughtfully curated offerings is perhaps the simplest way to increase awareness about the brands you carry while also helping to maximize in-store sales and conversions. In fact, studies have shown that 

  1. Increase Sell-Through Rates

Studies show that using Sensory Marketing helps to increase customer satisfaction scores by up to 20% and increase intent to purchase by more than 80%. Implementing service into your retail experience also enables your customers to smell and taste blends prior to purchasing, which has a direct impact on product satisfaction and customer loyalty. 

  1. Stand Out Among Competitors

Standing out as a business has never been more difficult thanks to an abundance of online marketplaces and competition. Finding new and innovative ways to connect with customers is a valuable tool for cutting through the noise and creating memorable experiences for your guests. Offering service is one simple way of creating thoughtful and strategic experiences in your shop and demonstrates a level of care and intention behind your business that sets you apart. How's that for a return on investment? 

"There is a lot of opportunity for retailers to double down on beverages like tea, within the beauty space" says founder, Sheena Brady in a recent article for The Beauty Independent.

"Sampling is a low lift, high impact opportunity in this area. Ultimately, when you invite browsing guests to enjoy a sample cup of tea while shopping, they are almost instantly disarmed and more open to connecting, asking questions, they shop longer, and want to engage in conversation. Ultimately they are connecting more mindfully with their in store shopping experience and want to take some of that connection home with them."

Want to learn more about our service program? Send Aly an email at aly@teasewellness.com to learn more about in-store service bundles!

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