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Gift exchange has been going on since the beginning of civilization. They have brought an end to many wars. The Trojan War is an excellent example here. The legend states that there were Greek soldiers in the Trojan Horse and they attacked from inside and opened the gates of Troy for the Greek Army. Or, maybe we are sort of misquoting the whole thing. The fact of the matter is that we do not know for sure what happened and neither does history. Nevertheless, whatever it resulted in, the war did end after that.

But, humor aside, it is a very effective strategy when dealing with matters of the heart. If you have a tussle going on, then a small gift can turn the argument in your favor. Even if nothing else happens, it softens the person’s heart towards you. This creates the perfect opportunity of getting your point across. A bit brutal in terms of strategy, but whatever works right!

Or, if you are wooing a potential life partner, gifts have been traditionally the way to go. And call us old-fashioned, but we still hold them in high regard. Start with the small things and maybe who knows one day you will find your Happily Ever After.

So, in the spirit of gift giving we have compiled a short list of gifts that are under $100 and will support your efforts.

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Our very own Caitlyn Squires chat's with the lovely ladies of WhatSheSaid Radio, and announces our newest launch inspired by their show!



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Watch Full Video with Recipes Here !

People assume tea is generally only good for drinking. Think again! Here are three super easy recipes that you can incorporate into your daily breakfast routine and add some extra health benefits without the extra effort! 

Simply watch the video above, or read the full article here.

We 'tea'sed Canada AM viewers on that perfect tea for your most common desires or goals. View the collection here or read more info: 


“I’m looking to reduce the amount of coffee I drink in one day,

though I can’t deal with the withdrawals”

This is a great goal to have. Coffee, while not necessarily all that bad for you certainly doesn’t have so many health benefits either and can sometimes lead to caffeine withdrawal, jitters, nausea and tummy issues.

 We suggested  Chai Love You, A black chai blend laced with lavender, rose and natural notes of dark chocolate - A truly decadent experience. After one sip, you’ll be thinking “Coffee who?”

The benefits of this not so guilty indulgence are increased mental focus and energy from the levels of caffeine (minus the crash, jitters etc). This results in a longer sustained energy. Black tea is also known to help increase cardiovascular health while chai spices have been said to be mentally revitalizing and mood stabilizing. Random health benefit: Black tea is great for oral health too as it helps reduce bad breath bacteria which can lead to cavities.

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We're just going to give you the best news up front. These cocktails are so easy, chances are even the the newest tea lover probably has most of these ingredients lying around. Bonus: No "Mixology" skills needed! (Though once your friends or lover takes a sip, they'll think you're a pro, and ask what your "secret" is.
View the video our checkout the full blog with recipes here.
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What's the similarity between the world of wine and the world of tea? Sheena Brady, Tea Sommelier and Founder of Tease Tea explains!
Jen Kirsch, contributor for S/Style & Fashion Magazine researched tea trends and their health benefits. Our Tea Sommelier, Sheena Brady, had the pleasure of sharing her thoughts on this very hot topic, including the "teatox trend" 
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This week we had an opportunity to hang out with CTV's the Social. Their panel of awesome ladies told us how they were feeling and we had our Tea Sommelier 'prescribe' the perfect tea to compliment their desires:

Cynthia: "I'm looking to switch from coffee to tea" 

We prescribed: Chai Love You - A decadent blend of Chai, Rose, Lavender, and Dark Chocolate. 

 Traci: "Looking to detox, especially after a night of beverages during the holiday season."

We prescribed: Triple Teatox - The perfect tea to flush out your system

Lainey: "What can I drink after a heavy meal to get my digestive track "running smoothly"" 

We prescribed: Show me the Honey - A blend of liquorice, fruit and honey, the perfect digestif. 

 Melissa: "I need a tea to compliment my workout routine." 

We prescribed: Skinny in the City - The perfect pairing to help speed up metabolism and increase focus.   

To view the full segment, check it out here!