What Is Bulletproof Tease Tea & Why You Need to Try It

bulletproof Tease Tea

What Is Bulletproof Tease Tea & Why You Need to Try It

Author Aly Dort / Category Lifestyle / Published: July 2019

Fat Is Good

Although fat gained a negative connotation throughout the years, if you have to choose between sugar or fat, go for the fat. While not all types of fat are good, the ones used for making Bulletproof Tease Tea are an exemption.

A few years ago, Antoccino, Affogato, Guillermo and Macchiato got a rival. Instead of learning Italian to order energy boosting morning drink, the new trend has a very memorable name – bulletproof coffee. The idea behind this new drink was to mix caffeine with MCT (Medium-chain triglyceride) and increase energy and brain power for people on the ketogenic diet. We won’t go into science and the whole debate behind it. However, every body needs fat to function properly. And in some special situations, requirements might be higher.

It didn’t take long for tea to replace coffee as a healthier alternative, and so the Bulletproof tea was born. Bulletproof Tease Tea can be made with almost any of our tea blends. The main ingredients of Bulletproof Tease Tea are oil, butter and tea, sometimes accompanied by different types of milk or coconut cream. However, not all oils and butters are good. Aim for virgin coconut oil and butter from grass-fed cows or ghee.

Although this tea has a very short history in the U.S., it was born in Tibet in 7th century. Called Yak Butter Tea, it is still a traditional drink of Tibetan people. Yak Butter tea is usually made from yak butter, dark pu’erh tea, tsampa (roasted barley flour) and salt. It provides enough energy to cope with harsh climate conditions. However, adding tsampa or any kind of carbs to tea will no longer make it appropriate for ketogenic diet.

Learn How to Make Bulletproof Tease Tea

Even though the whole concept of bulletproof coffee resolves around the combination of caffeine and good fat, tea might give a few more benefits in the form of theaflavins or catechins and L-theanine. Depending on your choice of tea, you can regulate how much caffeine and what benefits you want to get, and flavour. Teas that go well with milk will be tasty in a bulletproof option. Besides, Tease Teas are less acidic than coffee. If you wish to follow all guidelines for drinking Bulletproof tea and replace your regular breakfast with a Bulletproof Tease Tea completely, it would be a better option and less stressful to your stomach.

Our favorite Bulletproof Tease Tea recipe includes our loose leaf tea blends, coconut oil and ghee. We recommend starting light, and adding more oil and butter if you need. Use about 8-9 oz of water. Bring it to boil and let it cool down to about 190°F. Steep 1-2 teaspoons of tea for about 2-3 minutes. Add one spoon of ghee and let it melt. Add one teaspoon of coconut oil and use a hand frother to blend it all together. This tea will give you about 175 kcal. If you don’t mind adding a bit of carbs, a spoon of coconut cream will give a nice creamy coconut touch. For an extra boost add a few drops of CBD oil. (Recipe from California Tea House)

Ketogenic diet has special rules. Refrain from using coconut cream or milk and choose ghee or butter from grass-fed cows only as they both have zero carbs. Coconut cream or milk usually contain sugars. Although ghee is often referred to as a much healthier alternative to butter, this would mostly be true when deep frying food. However, ghee might be a better option if you are lactose intolerant. Salt is a basic ingredient in traditional Yak Butter tea, but not in a Bulletproof tea. Depending on your choices and the amounts, your tea could easily reach 500 cal.

bulletproof tease tea

Is Bulletproof Tea Something You Should Include Into Your Diet?

That’s completely up to you. The Irish saying goes “What butter and whiskey won’t cure, there is no cure for.” Drinking Hot Toddy daily would probably cause you more problems than adding butter to tea, so we will stick to the bulletproof tea instead.

Some argue replacing your typical breakfast with bulletproof tea might be a bad idea long-term. Leaving out all nutrients on a daily base would likely do you more damage than good. However, sometimes bulletproof tea might be a very good option. For example, when you need that extra bit of energy especially during physical work in harsh environments, follow a ketogenic diet that doesn’t allow any intake of carbs (fat intake is very important in that case) or you are on a strict gym regime and have a no carbs day. But, be sure to ask your trainer or nutritionist first.

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