Top 5 Reasons Why You Might Be Bloated & Teas To Help

Don't be shy, we have all been there... that dreaded feeling of bloat! It's uncomfortable, at times even painful. We are not only taking a look at what could be causing your bloating, we are offering up some tips to help with tea.

1. Dehydration

“When your body is not properly hydrated, it does its best to hang onto as much water as it can,” says Anna Mason, a registered dietician. “This prevents cells from releasing its normal amount of water and causes that bloating feeling. Drinking water relieves that duty for your body and allows the water-in and water-out to proceed normally.”

Midnight Mint is a great selection for bloating as it contains peppermint which is used for digestive problems including heartburn, nausea, vomiting, morning sickness, irritable bowel syndrome

2. Too much salt

“Salt causes your body to cling to water,” says Mason. “Excess salt means excess water. Start checking those labels and choose fresh or frozen over packaged.”


3. Gas-producing foods

“Across the spectrum of healthy and unhealthy eating patterns, there are foods that just produce more gas,” says Mason. “Cruciferous vegetables, fermented or carbonated beverages, many sugar substitutes, and beans are just a few of the many foods that tend to produce more gas when it hits your gastrointestinal system.

The Evening tea from our Triple Teaxtox program is the perfect triple threat to aid in cleansing your digestive system to reduce bloating, clear skin, and cleanse the colon.


4. Too little fiber

“Dietary fiber is crucial to proper digestion,” says Mason. “Constipation and bloating often go hand and hand. Fiber helps add bulk and move your waste along.insert tea and pic


5. Digestive conditions

Always best to refer to a medical professional then to self-diagnose. Bloating can at times be a cause of IBS, celiac disease among a variety of other conditions.

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