Sitti x Tease Tea: A Gift That Does Good

Tease Tea has been empowering women since our very first day. In 2019 we took our commitment a step further by creating Founders Fund, an organization that provides funding, mentorship and opportunities to women in business. 

Founders Fund is home to a community of hundreds of women making an impact with their business, Noora Sharrab is one of those woman.

Noora Sharrab is the co-founder and CEO of Sitti Soap.

Sitti Soap is a social enterprise that provides fair-wage employment to refugee men and women in Jordan. Noora’s vision is to one day employ hundreds of members in the refugee community and create a positive impact on their lives. Her goal is to build a community that is self-sufficient, financially dependent and she does this through Sitti, which provides the skills needed to succeed.

Sitti (Si’-TEE) means “My Grandmother” in Arabic. Their three main goals are to educate, employ and empower. Its mission is to provide hope and steady income to underprivileged communities. Each bar of soap is all-natural, handmade and crafted with love. Every step of producing the soap is thorough, from harvesting the olives to hand-stirring and pouring each batch.

The co-founder of Sitti, Noora Sharrab, is a two-time recipient of Founder’s Fund, our sister company. Two fund recipient of Tease Tea’s Resiliency Fund and Encircled Impact Fund. Noora obtained a Master’s degree in Political Science with a Specialization in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies at York University in Toronto, Canada. She co-founded an NGO in 2009 called, Hopes for Women in Education, to provide higher-education scholarships, skills training and online language development in the process. In 2013, Noora partnered with Jacqueline Sofia to establish Sitti Soap with the purpose to empower refugee women through employment and to help enhance their opportunity to become financially independent and self-sustainable.

For a limited time only, Tease Tea and Sitti Soap are working together to offer a gift with purchase. When you order $100 or more, you will receive a set of 3 beautifully handcrafted olive oil soap.