Pyramid tea bags 101- convenience meets quality


All things are equal when talking about the shape, material of size of a tea bag? Most certainly not! While the pyramid shape and texture is rather stylish there is a lot more to it then that ( who knew?)

 To give a bit of history on the tea bag, legend has it that the first tea bag was invented accidentally. In the early 1900s a tea salesman discovered that it was possible to make a cup of tea by purely dropping a silk pouch that was full of tea into hot water.

Pyramid bags are made with various material but all have the same thing in common- they allow the water to flow more freely within the bag. The net-like mesh, created larger holes then the traditional paper bags that allowed for water to come in contact with more of the tea’s surface area, thus releasing more essential oils and character into the cup.

 The Pyramid tea bag basically duplicate what happens in your teapot infuser with loose tea leaves. The advantage of the pyramid bag is that it's great for on the go and in a hurry. Pyramid tea bags not only has the advantages and convenience of what traditional tea bags has, it also gives you the tea quality what loose tea leave can provide. Pyramid bags give a shape that accommodates a wider scope for various ingredients. Regular tea bags only allow tiny particles to be used, of which you cannot even decipher the ingredients. Pyramid bags allow space for dry fruit pieces, flowers, and spices allowing for more natural and creative blends.

Pyramid Tea Bags VS Traditional

 We all agree that tea can be prepared using loose leaf or tea bags and be equally enjoyed. The dilemma arises when the question is about the shape of tea bags. Ultimately we want our tea bag to result in the best cup of tea in terms of flavour quality.

 However, many people don't know that flat, round, pyramid (triangular) and rectangular tea bags are different in the question of effectiveness and efficiency. This has been a battle over the years that separates lovers of tea. The Advertising Standard's Authority (ASA) has stated that the pyramid shaped tea bags are a step ahead of the others when it comes to brewing.

The introduction of the pyramid bags led to an innovative approach to tea brewing and changed the old rules. The triangular structure enables space for tea to move around with greater ease. As the hot water is added to a cup with a tea bag, it's expected that the leaves move in a circular way as they heat and then cool down. This means that a pyramid tea bag imitates what goes on in an infuser or a teapot that utilizes loose leaf tea.


We are proud to say our pyramid bags are made of biodegradable, compostable, and plant based, food safe materials.

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