Step Aside Coffee... Tea is HOT with Millennials



Coffee shops have dominated most street corners as the go-to daytime hangout spot for decades. Things are changing.. step aside coffee- there's a trendy shift occurring and it's tea shops. Millennials are discovering not only the varieties of tea, but also the amazing health benefits you can't get from a cup of joe.

Millennials love experiencing different cultures, and with tea, you can travel to China, Africa, or India from just a single cup of tea.


Millennials have taken to tea and run with it. As a society we are more health aware than ever before and Millennials wanting to be on trend are sipping up tea for their antioxidant properties, cholesterol improving qualities and overall boosting immunity just to name a few. The tea fountain of youth has been growing.
Approximately four in five US consumers drink tea, with Millennials being the most likely. In up and coming cities dominated by 20 somethings, there has been a shift and tea shops are popping up and are the new go-to hangout spots.


Moreover, tea helps with stress relief and reduces anxiety. Researches show that 61% of college student experience anxiety and that 30% of working millennials have general anxiety. Tea is a healthy option that not only helps reduce stress but also helps to stay focus. Another great benefit from tea, aside that it increases your overall health, is that it can help with your skin and hair. Teas such as oolong tea slows the effects of aging and makes your skin clearer and more vibrant. It also prevents hair loss and makes them shinier. Those are only a few reasons why drinking tea is getting more and more popular amongst the younger generation.



Another aspect of tea that is appealing to Millennials is the versatility and variety. Tea can be prepared hot or cold, natural or sweetened and range from black, green, white, pu'erh to name a couple.

The versatility of tea is also quite appealing for this on the go generation in the form of matcha. It may be over 5000 years old but this green super-powder is keeping up with the times.

Matcha is incredibly versatile - drink it hot with milk, cold shot, add into a smoothie, the choice is yours. Something quick, with lots of options and provides wonderful health benefits - it's no doubt it's a winner with Millennials.

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