How to Take Care of Your Mental Health With a Cup of Tea

tea health benefits


Tea is not just liquid. It is more like a medicine both for body and mind. As we all know, the connection between physical and mental health is undoubtedly strong. Therefore, by satisfying one aspect of health we are able to fulfill our needs in another aspect as well. There is a huge variety of tea out there. If you do not find drinking tea relaxing and soothing, then you just have not found the type of tea that fits you. However, this article will help.


What Are the Health Benefits Of Turmeric Tea?


tea health benefits


Turmeric deserves the status of a miracle herb. There is a common misconception that it has a specific and strong taste. The thing is that it only has an unusual smell. All you need to make a cup of turmeric tea is turmeric itself, some ginger, water, and optional honey. You can also add cinnamon and milk, even plant milk, to advance your beverage and turn it into gold milk.

Despite the fact, that a cup of ordinary black tea contains approximately 40 mg of caffeine, turmeric tea has no caffeine and has an exceptional calming effect on the nerve system. As for other health benefits from turmeric, it is also believed to increase fat burning and improve the quality of sleep. If you are trying to take up a healthy diet or quit sugar, drinking turmeric tea before or after your meal would satiate you and prevent you from consuming extra calories. What is more, any kind of tea is able to calm down your nerves and give you a boost of willpower when there is a sweet trigger right in front of you.


Health Benefits of Ginger in Your Tea


tea health benefits


Ginger improves the respiratory system.  It is especially helpful when having a cold. It helps to eliminate mucus, clearing the airways and making it easier to breathe. It also has compounds gingerol and zingerone which work as warming agents and effectively increase the blood flow.

You can make a tea with sliced ginger, a couple of slices of lemon and some raw honey, which works as a natural sweetener and is optional. How to get the most health benefits of ginger tea?

  • Drink it in the morning on an empty stomach.
  • You can add apple cider vinegar if your target is to aid weight loss.
  • Add a pinch of turmeric to make your tea obtain anti-inflammatory properties.

 Health Benefits Of Other Kinds Of Tea

  tea health benefits


Usual Black English Breakfast tea is also beneficial. With its high content of caffeine, it adds energy. Its bitter taste wakes up the body and sets a proper tone for the day. To make it even healthier, resist from adding sugar to it and try to enjoy its natural taste. You can read more about black tea health benefits here.

Many people reported being a lot more productive and energetic after drinking green tea. Green tea is packed with catechins, which are natural antioxidants. Basically, it helps restore damaged cells. However, you need to be cautious about buying tea at the supermarket, as it often may contain coloring and taste enhancers. To make your green tea taste better to read this article as well.

Other herbs to make tea are chamomile, sage, peppermint, thyme, rosemary, passionflower. Herbal tea does have a tremendous health benefit, but it can be also harmful if prepared not properly and consumed in excessive amounts. 


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