Herb School: Rosehip, Beauty from the Inside Out

Roses need no help convincing the masses of their beauty, but sometime you may not know is that roses, specifically in the form of rosehips, can promote healthy skin, hair and nails, lending us some of their timeless beauty.


Where does it come from?

Sometimes referred to as the 'fruit of the rose' rosehips are a small bulb like "fruit" produced by many varieties of roses.

While roses grow all over the world, the majority of rosehips harvested are grown in South American regions, such as Chile.

What benefits does it have?

Rosehip can calm inflammation (like hormonal acne) and support smooth healthy  complexion with regular use.

Widely used topically in oil form, rosehip has been shown to support healthy skin, hair and nails by both ingestion (via herbal blends and tonics) and applied directly to the body in oil form.

Research suggests that regular continued use of rosehip can have the following benefits:

    • Protects tissues from free radical damage (through a high level of vitamin C)
    • Promotes healthy adrenal function to regulate hormones and hormonal acne
    • Support growth of skin, hair and nails through high iron content
    • Calms inflammation (puffiness, acne flare ups, skin irritation) through anti-inflammatory compounds, polyphenols and galactolipids


How to Take Rosehip

Rosehip can be taken in a convenient herbal tea form our seasonal skin supporting blend Pumpkin Spice, as well as in pure oil to apply topically.

We recommend steeping Pumpkin Spice for 4 minutes in boiling water maximum skin supporting benefits.