Founder Feature: Amy of Paume (your new favourite hand sanitizer)

Every month we partner with a women led business to bring our community new products that we can't get enough of.

This month we're excited to introduce Paume and their founder, Amy.
In every order $55 or over we're including a Travel Bottle of their award winning, super moisturizing hand sanitizer as a gift.
No code needed, must add note PAUME to order to qualify.

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About Paume: 
Paume creates nourishing hand sanitizer that's better for your skin and the planet. Made in Canada, Paume uses plant based emollients, an indulgent scent, and sustainable packaging
We sit down with Amy to find out what it's like running a business and where her beautiful products come from.
What challenges you most about leading a company? 
As a wise entrepreneur once said to me, when you're starting a business, "expect everything to go wrong, because it will." I think leading a startup or even an established company is first and foremost a problem solving role. Challenges will occur every day, and I would say my biggest challenge is to say as cool and calm as I can and find efficient solutions. It's not the issues themselves that really matter, rather how you face, solve and learn from them.

Whats your top tip(s) on productivity? 
For many of us who have been working at home this past year, staying productive and focused isn't always easy. There are some days where I find myself at my desk for hours on end, and it can sometimes leave me spinning my wheels. I have recently made it a part of my daily routine to go for a mid day walk to stretch my legs and give my brain a break. I come back to my desk refreshed and ready to tackle my afternoon with more focus and clarity. It makes me the far more productive!
How do you take care of yourself after a long week?
I really try to take my weekends off and separate myself from work (which is easier said than done!). I spend time with my 2 year old daughter and husband, see friends (socially distanced, of course), get outside, and really try to take time for me. During the week, to stay sane, I try to disconnect two hours before I got to sleep - whether it's reading a good book or watching Netflix, my brain needs time to unwind before I go to sleep. Entrepreneurs carry so much stress and responsibility on their shoulders, and those moments of self care are so key to avoiding burnout.
How do you take your tea?
I'm not a habitual tea drinker, but I do love a hot cup of Earle Grey with milk and sugar in the winter time. It's so comforting!

What are three words that you'd like to be associated with you?
Success (because what entrepreneur doesn't want their business to be successful?), balance (because I truly believe this is the key to happiness) and connection (because I want our products to protect, nourish and bring people together through human touch, especially after we have been starved of physical connection with our loved ones for the past year!)
Thanks, Amy!
You find Paume's full range of here.