7 Ways to Upgrade Your Autumn

Summer has officially left the party. It can be hard to leave behind the days of sunshine and afternoons spent poolside, but we think the best days of the year are still ahead of us, wrapped in the crisp cool wind of autumn air and golden falling leaves.

If you're ready to level up and follow our 7 Ways to Upgrade Your Autumn, we promise you will love this next season as much as we do.


1. Start a weekly hike.
Enjoy the changing autumn landscape with a weekly weekend hike with friends. You'll get some fresh air and get to catch up with your crew. Make sure you hike prepared with the 3 in 1 Glass Tumbler filled with your favourite autumn blend!

2. Embrace the plaid.

If there's one print we love, its a good old fashioned plaid. From scarves to blankets and sweaters, nothing puts you in the autumn mood like a cozy plaid. Consider a plaid scarf made with wool to avoid synthetic fabrics and micro plastics.

3.  Add rosehip to your beauty regime.
The beautiful crispness of the air comes at a cost often drying out skin and hair. To make sure you're protected, make sure to add rosehip into your beauty routine in the form of a supplement or oil. We prefer a holistic approach using rosehip oil as part of our evening skincare regime and our Pumpkin Spice blend complete with real pumpkin and rosehip to support your skin, hair and nails through the dryer months.

4. Support digestion with a simple pumpkin soup.
The heavier food we tend to crave during the colder months can cause digestion issues for those with sensitive systems. Thats why we love this super simple, plant based pumpkin soup to help keep your body working like it should.

5. Get scholarly.

While it may have been a while since you went 'back to school', the start of autumn always brings back memories of a fresh start for the academic year. We love taking this time to learn a new skill or language, well worth checking out the classes available at Masterclass or Coursera for a whole range of valuable study options.

6. Spice up your morning routine.

Waking up when it's still dark out can put a real damper on mornings. We recommend including warming, energizing spices to your morning routine with spiced oatmeal or a morning cup of Aim Chai (seriously, the best chai you've ever had!).

7. Light it up.
Candles bring some much needed light to dark nights during the autumn season, mixing it up with taper candles on the dining table and tea lights placed around the home instantly created a cozy vibe. Considering stocking up on non toxic, responsible sourced beeswax candles from a local shop.

That's concludes our 7 Ways to Upgrade Your Autumn! Do you have an upgrade that we missed? Share with us on social and you could win some of that rosehip Pumpkin Spice blend we're so keen on.