5 Realistic Eco-Friendly Tips

Earth is an incredible place. Celebrating Earth Month allows for time to reflect on your current lifestyle and ways you can establish new and more eco-friendly habits.

Here at Tease, we love beautiful packaging but hated the idea of having to toss it. That is why we created the world's first fully biodegradable & refillable tea collection. From the outer packaging to our plant-based pyramid tea bags, our collection is 100% biodegradable and refillable.

Daily individual small changes can lead to large impact over time.


Here are 5 small changes you can make to be more eco-friendly:


1. Use a reusable water bottle or tumbler

Reduce single use plastic waste in landfills, oceans, and streams by carrying around a reusable water bottle or tumbler with you. Did you know our 3-in-1 Bamboo Tumbler and Smart Travel Tumbler both contain a stainless steel strainer basket that can be used for loose leaf tea, cold brew, fruit infusions, and more?

reusable tumbler


2. Carry around reusable utensils and totes 

Plastic utensils and bags can take up to a thousand years to decompose. Though they are convenient, they have a big cost to the environment. Carry around reusable utensils with you to reduce your carbon footprint. Reusable totes can save you money and are more durable. They are easy to store in your car or bag and cut down on waste. 

eco-friendly tips


3. Reduce your water use

Reducing your water use not only saves water but can save you money. Did you know you can use the cooled water you use to boil veggies or potatoes to water your plants? Not only does it cut back on water waste, it adds minerals and vitamins to your plants and garden. Turning off the faucet after you wet your toothbrush is another simple habit that can create long term impact.

Reduce your water use


4. Ditch individually wrapped tea bags 

Did you know that many conventional tea bags contain micro-plastics? They are also commonly wrapped individually with a plastic-lined paper wrapper. Ditch chemicals and plastics and switch to 100% biodegradable pyramid tea bags - like ours! 

biodegradable tea bags


5. Keep it local

Local food and products don’t have to travel far to get to you. Shopping locally helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It helps the environment, the economy, and overall supports your local businesses. 

keep it local


This Earth Month, we challenge you to take 1 small change and create a new eco-friendly habit.