2020 Year in Review: A letter from our Founder & Tea Sommelier, Sheena Brady

Sheena Brady Tea Sommelier Founders Fund

With the year coming to an end, as I've done since 2014, I spend an afternoon enjoying freshly brewed tea while taking a moment to pause, and reflect on the past year and everything that has happened.

Where to start. 2020 challenged us all in ways we would have never imagined. With the pandemic, long overdue social awakening, and the absence of physical closeness - This year greatly tested our spirit and resiliency. For many, it opened up our eyes to how we care for humans, our loved ones, and small businesses. 

If there is 2020 year has taught us, it's that kindness is everything. It makes things count. It teaches us lessons & reminds us that we are deeply connected in tragedy and joy.

Staying apart for a future together is a testament to our community and vision for a better world.

Having to learn, adapt and pivot like many businesses, I can’t help but feel an extra sense of gratitude for every hard lesson and milestone that brought myself and our team here, 7 years strong.

It's partly due to our unwavering commitment to endlessly learn and grow while showing up during the hard moments and pushing through. However it's also largely due to the support of our incredible customers around the globe. Especially when we talk about impact.

Thanks to your support, in the middle of a pandemic we were able to run programming and mentorship while raising over $50k in grant funding for under represented women owned business through our sister organization, Founders Fund. Founders Fund successfully supported over 500 women and funded 13 companies in 2020 alone.

We still have many challenges ahead of us like most businesses - but we know we have the strength of our loyal customers helping us navigate through every single one.

With an abundance of gratitude, wishing you and yours comfort and joy today and into the 2021.

Happy Sipping & Happy New Year,