Guest Blog: 3 Reasons To Drink Turmeric Tea

It’s so easy to become out of balance in our lives with so many factors that cause our bodies to not reach optimal health. Stress is a huge playing force in staying healthy which is why it’s so important to introduce yourself to stress-reliving activities and nutrition such as yoga, herbal tea, meditation, or even spending time in nature by taking 20 minutes out of your day. It is easy to build up processed unnatural chemicals into our bodies which adds additional stress to the body. This is why it’s important to detox!!

Today I’ll be sharing the 3 key benefits of drinking Turmeric Tonic and how by making a habit to detox your body can easily help you from feeling run down.

Natural Anti-Inflammatory Compound

This golden spice has been celebrated for centuries for all the right reasons! It’s anti-inflammatory properties including its incredible antioxidant power, and phytonutrients, has been used to help boost energy levels and thereby improving mood, reduce joint pain, and relax the body and mind to decrease stress.

One way of increasing turmeric intake is by including a cup of Turmeric Tonic into your daily routine, especially during the change of season. You can also add lemon or honey to help to alkaline the blood too!!

Helps Improve Your Skin From the Inside & Out

This magical yellow spice is not only bright on the outside but has amazing benefits to aid your skin to give you that natural glow inside and out!

Turmeric is now a popular sourced natural ingredient used in many foods and beauty products from its amazing properties it provides our health and skin. Believed to be a beauty remedy to help shed dead skin cells to heal blemishes, assists in eliminating bacteria that cause acne, revitalizes and fights any free radicals that could potentially harm the skin as well as delaying the process of aging! This leads to a youthful and more glowing complexion.

Boosts Immune Function

Strengthen your immune system with Turmeric tea. It is so important to build our immune system stronger to fight against bacteria, viruses, and damages… especially with Winter on it’s way, having a strong immune system will help protect your body internally. Turmeric tea helps to rid the body of waste and toxins in your digestive system and liver by cleansing thoroughly. If you have a sensitive stomach, Turmeric tea is great to add to your routine to encourage proper digestion and healing.


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