Rituals for Success: Aly Dort, Growth Manager

Every month we feature a woman that we admire and their rituals for success. This month we're featuring our very own Aly from the Tease Team!

Name: Aly Dort
Location: Halifax, Canada
Occupation: B2B Growth Manager at Tease
Sun Sign: Taurus 

Q: What are the first three things you do in the morning?

My morning really begins after dropping my son off at school. Once I get home, I:

-Grab a cup of my favourite blend at the time

-Put on my current favourite album, and

-Fill out my 5-Minute Journal

 Q: What Tease blend has been your favourite recently and how has it added to your ritual?

My two favourite blends recently have been Self Care Elixir and Chill Out Cherry. Each of these blends serves as an opportunity and reminder to check in with myself and nurture my wellbeing.

Q: What is your favourite way to unwind?

Hands down, my favourite way to unwind is to grab a warm beverage with my best friends. Laughter is great medicine for the soul! 

Q: What's your idea of a perfect afternoon? 

My idea of a perfect afternoon is to pull out my embroidery supplies and spend the day stitching with a warm beverage. Thread painting is one of the only times my mind is quiet. 


Q: Whats the advice that you find yourself coming back to the most? 

Pay attention to what sets your soul on fire, and spend more time doing that.

Q: What blends do you use on a regular day and for what benefits?

My most loved blends are Self Care Elixir for when I need some quality time with myself, Hocus Focus for when I need to get sh*t done, and In The Flow when I'm feeling particularly bloated or crampy.

Q: What projects or goals are you currently working towards?
I'm currently working towards becoming an accredited ADHD Coach!


Find Aly on Instagram @itsalydort for all things ADHD and Embroidery!