Founder Feature: Renae, Founder of Take Me Away Essentials

Every month we partner with a women led business to bring out community a new product to try. 

This month we're excited to introduce Take Me Away Essentials and their founder, Renae. In every order $75 or over we're including a Vanilla Almond Body Butter as a gift and sample of the amazing products that Renae produces (while quantities last!).

We sit down with Renae to find out what it's like running a business and where her beautiful products come from.

Tell us about Take Me Away Essentials.
Here at Take Me Away Essentials we are firm believers of spotless personal care and that your beauty regime should be a devoted practice. Our products are made in small batches using the purest, most effective plant-based materials to ensure we produce the heist quality and most effective product for our customers. Our Natural Ingredients are carefully selected to provide products that will deeply and effectively nourish your skin and hair. We aim to provide our customers with products of the highest quality that will surpass their expectations while meeting your NEEDS. Take Me Away Essentials products are suitable for all race and genders.

What challenges you most about leading a company? 
Leading a company as a solo-entrepreneur, I thought it was wise to departmentalize Take Me Away Essentials so I could separate the different duties and tasks related to the business. With this I have realized that I was unable to effectively carry out all the related duties. The challenge still remains to build a team in order to carry these duties to ensure the smooth running of the company.

Whats your top tip(s) on productivity? 
My top productivity tips are:
1. Mapping the month's goals and tasks. Plan for the week ahead then the day ahead.
2. Time blocking tasks (I usually give myself 30-60 minutes depending on the task).
3. Separate Admin days from filing, shipping and production days.
4. Take breaks


How do you take care of yourself after a long week? 
Family date night, baths, reading and solo parking lot dates.

How do you take your tea? 
My personal all time favorite tea is hot mint tea with sugar and sometimes mixed with ginger. I am a morning and night time tea drinker.

What are three words that you'd like to be associated with you?
Authentic, Driven and Accomplished
Thanks Renae! Find more from Renae and Take Me Away Essentials at