Treats Without the Trash: Tease Guide to an Eco Friendly Halloween

Treats Without the Trash: Tease Guide to an Eco-Friendly Halloween

We love this time of year. Chilly breezes, Pumpkin Spice, horror movies, pumpkins…. If it’s on theme with the spooky season, we’ll take it… with one exception: Halloween trash.

Every year we buy (and subsequently throw out) loads of plastic skeletons, synthetic spider webs, candy wrappers, styrofoam pumpkins, and more adding to the stress on the already fragile environment. This year in honour of our biodegradable line of natural blends, we want to help you have a more eco-friendly Halloween celebration. Here’s our top tips for a halloween with all the treats and none of the trash.

1. Eat Your Decor
Literally. Purchasing pumpkins and squash from your local market instead of faux plastic or styrofoam ones is already a huge leap towards sustainability, but take it one step further and save those pumpkins and squash to roast into soups, pies, curries, and pasta sauces and you reach a whole new level of eco warrior.

2. Get Thrifty
While it's tempting to buy a complete made one stop costume on amazon, it’s also a complete waste of resources (not to mention that $60 doctor costume is likely made from plastics and dyed with harmful chemicals). Try thrifting pieces to complete your look at your local thrift store, or better yet, shop a friend's closet. Points for creativity and environmental savvy.
 3. Box in your candy choices
While the vast majority of candy is packaged in plastic that ends up in landfills and the ocean, there are some easy to find exceptions. Look for chocolate and sweets in cardboard boxes (like raisins … but not raisins unless you want the neighbourhood kids to hate you).

The ultimate alternative (if you’re hosting a party or serving kids you know) is to whip up your own homemade batch of classic candies using bulk ingredients (think caramel apples, sponge toffee, and spooky themed cupcakes).
We hope you have a fun and eco conscious spooky season!