5 Ways Our BCorp Certification Impacts You

What Is A BCorp & How Does It Impact You?
Tease is proudly Canada’s first BCorp Certified tea company.

As a small business that’s dedicated to our social impact efforts, becoming certified as a Benefit Corporation in 2021 is an achievement we are fiercely proud of. 

Benefit Corporations are companies that meet that highest verified standards of social + environmental performance and transparency on everything from employee benefits and charitable giving to supply chain practices, carbon footprint and more. 

Business applying for certification undergo an extremely thorough vetting and auditing process through a third party system and change their legal title in the process. The auditing process covers five areas of impact: Governance, Workers, Community, Customers and Environment. Every Benefit Corporation focuses their efforts in on a couple of these areas, but overall, businesses must obtain an overall score of 80 or above in order to qualify for certification. 
(The median score of the average business is 50.9)

But what does being a Certified Benefit Corporation really mean and how does it impact our partners, such as you?
Here are 5 ways it has an impact on our stockists and partners.

1. Our purpose and impact strategy is third-party verified and subject to audits at any time.

This means that our business meets the highest standards of ethical business (dealings)  spanning from our supply chain operations to our carbon footprint to our relationships and supports for our partners (that’s you!). BCorps are subject to random audits, and are required to re-certify every 3 years, and thus continuously challenged to improve their social and environmental impact efforts. This is a driving force behind the white glove service you know and love. 

2. Every aspect of our supply chain is held to the same ethical standards

This means that we thoroughly and routinely vet every single supplier, manufacturer and partner we work with to ensure they meet our standards on everything from health & safety to fair wages and environmental impact. This process is done through both policy vetting and on-site visits/audits via third party organizations.

3. Our impact benefits not only our workers, but also our customers, partners and community

From employee benefits to stockist perks & support, our work with Founders Fund and various other social initiatives, our purpose strategy is built directly into the fabric of our brand. Every purchase made by both our customers and stockists drives a portion back into our community to help better support women.

4. All Of Our Ingredients Are Sourced Ethically Via The Ethical Tea Partnership

The ETP is an organization prioritizing systemic change in the tea industry across three areas: economics, equality and environment. Our tea is sourced directly from the top 10% of tea farms in the world, and from small family operated businesses.

5. As we grow, so too do our social impact efforts

As we grow and as the purpose economy changes, the standards for maintaining BCorp certification become greater. This is why Benefit Corporations are continually looking for ways to improve and strengthen their efforts and impacts. Every member of our team is committed to delivering exceptional experience and support to all stakeholders. This means offering plenty of opportunities for feedback, a high level of customer care and transparency: So that you feel confident in our partnership every step of the way.

Curious to learn more about our BCorp status? All BCorp certified businesses can be found on BCorpporation.net

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