Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: How much caffeine is in my tea? 

While caffeine content largely depends on how much tea you’re using and can vary by blend, here’s a good rule of thumb: 

Yerba Mate contains about 85mg of caffeine per cup

Matcha contains about 70mg of caffeine per cup
Black tea contains about 55mg of caffeine per cup

Green tea contains about 35mg of caffeine per cup

Pu’erh tea contains about 30mg of caffeine per cup

Herbal tea is caffeine-free

 Q: Is this tea safe for breastfeeding?

While all of our teas are generally safe for consumption whilst breastfeeding, we do recommend speaking with your primary care physician if you have any concerns. In some cases, your pharmacist may also be able to provide helpful guidance, especially in the event that you’re taking any medications regularly.

 Q: Is this tea safe for pregnancy?

While most of our teas (with the exception of our Teatox Evening Blend) are safe for consumption during pregnancy, we recommend checking in with your primary care physician if you have any concerns, as every pregnancy is different.

 Q: Will my Smart Heated Mug work with mugs other than the one included? 

We recommend using the included mug, as it features heat sensors at the bottom that help to regulate and maximize heat retention, however you may have luck using other quality flat-bottom mugs as well!

 Q: What are the dimensions of the Smart Heated Mug and how much liquid does it hold?

Our mug holds a standard 12oz and measures 95mmx90mm

Q:What temperature does the Smart Heated Mug heat to?

The heating pad included in the Smart Heated Mug Kit is designed to retain temperatures at 55°C / 131°F  (higher when the lid is kept on between sips).

Q: Is the Smart Heated Mug microwave and dishwasher safe? 

Our mug is dishwasher safe, however we do recommend hand washing your mug for maximum durability long-term. Our mug is not microwave safe.

Q: How long is the Smart Heated Mug power cord and is it a USB or regular plug?

Our Smart Heated Mug kit includes a regular wall plug. The power cord measures 2’5” but can easily be plugged into an extension cord as well. 

Q: Does your Smart Heated Mug meet FDA safety requirements for lead? 

Each of our products are FDA compliant and meet all of the safety regulations and specifications as outlined by the FDA.

Q: Can you tell me more about your environmental sustainability?

We have a number of ways here at Tease in which we’re actively working to combat environmental issues and reduce our carbon footprint.

In terms of sourcing, we source our tea exclusively from members of the Ethical Tea Partnership. The ETD is an organization that works directly with tea farmers across both Africa and Asia to develop and implement programs that create socially and environmentally sustainable tea through each step of the process. 

In addition to how we source our tea, our packaging is 100% biodegradable, inside and out! From our cardboard tubes to our plant-based refill packs, and our compostable pyramid bags. Whenever possible, we work with local businesses to support our co-packing, blending, and manufacturing needs.