Spring-Inspired Merchandising Inspo

With Spring on the horizon it's nearly time for a merchandising refresh. Which means introducing Spring-Inspired curations to your window and retail displays.

Here are some of our favourite Spring-Inspired displays featuring Tease, along with our favourite tips for the Spring season:

Tease Wellness, New York Now 2022 Display

1. Play On Our Fully Biodegradable Packaging

Spring and Summer displays are a great opportunity to highlight our biodegradable packaging. Our Summer 2022 New York Now booth was the talk of the convention, styled by our incredible team, and offered the perfect opportunity to talk about our packaging- from outer tube to inner pyramid bags. 
You can read more about our biodegradable packaging here.

Photo c/o Briarwood & Bay

2. Use Natural & Organic Materials To Elevate Your Display

Tease Stockist, Briarwood & Bay, opted for seedling pots along with pops of vibrant moss and tea leaves. Incorporating other Spring & Summer merchandise you've brought in can help to bring your display to life, and offers an extra opportunity for products to be discovered by both customers and passerby.

Photo c/o Briarwood & Bay

3. Include Easter-Inspired Ephemera

Incorporate holiday-inspired elements or product to round out your display. Easter Eggs, Spring Spring drink ware, tea pots, seasonal florals, kitchenware and more all lend themselves beautifully and offer great gift ideas for your customers.

Photo c/o Briarwood & Bay

4. Choose A Theme

Choosing a theme can really help to elevate your display and provide cohesion to your displays. Here are a few of my personal favourites: 

  • Garden Tea Party
  • Spring Self Care
  • Easter Brunch
  • Pastel & Soft Colourways
  • Eco-Conscious Brands

Need help coming up with ideas for your display? Get in touch! 

We love helping you create creative, captivating and beautiful displays and would love to chat through ideas.

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