Why I Ditched My Coffee Addiction to Embrace the Wellness of Tea

This is a full frontal confession. As with all unhealthy relationships, I saw issues looming on the horizon a while back. And I admit this break-up has been on my mind for some time.

The morning highs, the 10 am flirt, the lingering thoughts until lunch, the afternoon lift and the heightened evening shakes. This love was beginning to take hold of me. The dependency, the buzz and the desperate need for my next rush became an addiction.

Okay, okay, so this may be a somewhat dramatic way to explain my daily coffee habit, but the struggle IS real - and besides, it’s fun to say you have a daily 10 am flirt!


flic taylor tease tea

The coffee addict

A few months ago, I would have gone with the statement that I CANNOT give up coffee. You see, by drinking two to four cups a day, I relied on that fresh grind to be super alert for meetings. A stimulating brew would help me work hard during those early mornings and late nights. A dark blend became my support to help stay alert and play with my kids after school, along with fitting in an evening cardio workout when what my body really needed was to catch up on sleep.

Let's face it, the daily buzz was enabling me to negatively tip the balance in my life, but the question is...could I actually give up coffee?

The cultural shift

Coffee didn't really grace my day until I moved to Canada nearly 15 years ago. As a Brit, I was brought up with tea. The wonders of a good “cuppa”! In England, tea truly is one of the great uniters. Any problem or crisis can be solved (or at least eased) with the steam of a fresh brew. Life with all its ups and downs will forever be accompanied by a cup of 'Rosie Lee' (had to throw in a bit cockney rhyming slang), and it's magic powers.


tease tea

How good is that 'lift'?

Hands up, those of you who need your morning cup of coffee to set the day off for success, but wince at the physical effects of the java jumps: heart palpitations, interrupted sleep patterns, anxious moments, and feeling so hyped that you're over revving by 10 am! Yeah, definitely not a good lift.

Coffee became my armour for the day's battle -  just as an evening glass of red became my way of blocking a thousand thoughts that were setting up camp in my mind.

I know I'm not alone in this scenario. My friends and I all recognize this unhealthy loop.

Put that kettle on

So, my decision was made. It was time to take action.

I'm looking for the medicinal benefits in my cup. My body could really do with a helping hand and a wave of the magic wand. It was all fun and games until I hit 40 years old. Then my body quickly reminded me that all those carefree days of eating out and croissants with coffee are calling me out and demanding I drop that biscuit in my hand!

Over the centuries, many cultures have celebrated the health benefits of tea. The rewards are bountiful and overflowing.


coffee biscuit tea

Getting tea savvy

I've recently been adding some hardcore tea knowledge to my wellness to-do list - beginning with the reason why I’ve never liked green tea!

Did you know that you should NOT pour freshly boiled water on green tea leaves? Me neither!

Sheena Brady -- Tease Tea CEO and certified Tea Sommelier -- shared in her recent appearance on Cityline  “if you boil your water it will burn the tea leaves then they will become bitter and create an unnecessary astringent taste.”


sheena brady cityline

Oh, my stars! After all these years, maybe I could like green tea after all. Make way for a converted green tea fan who will be reaping the benefits of antioxidants and zen!

I’m loving my new penchant for a good cuppa, and I’m now working my way through the vast delicious collection of Tease Tea.

Tease Tea is a Canadian company making exceptional modern tea blends and striving to empower women, one cup at a time, using a portion of the proceeds to support organizations (from shelters to start-ups) dedicated to investing in women.  

My Tease Tea faves? My current top three are Duchess of Earl, Turmeric Tonic, and Golden Slumbers.


tease tea

Fancy a cuppa?  

I've dropped my flirt with coffee and I’ve embraced the tease of tea. Yes, I initially went through a week of withdrawal headaches and had to break the habit of grinding coffee beans in the morning. But I'm not looking back and I feel so much better for the change.

I'd go as far as to say that I probably would not have managed the stresses of the past month as well if I had been chugging back countless mugs of coffee.

But now, I enjoy my cup of tea in all its varieties.

What happens if I'm tired? Well, I hit the sack an hour earlier that night. What happens if I'm at a coffee meeting at work? I grab a tea or my water bottle and go in with a clear head. It's not rocket science. It's not hard. It's just making a positive daily choice.

We cannot avoid the daily stresses or obstacles in our lives, but I'm a firm believer that we can make optimum choices in managing our day and nourishing our body.

Are you thinking of ditching coffee and all its side effects? I say, go for it.

Switch to some self-love - pour yourself some support in a cup. It will give you a moment of calm as you realize you are putting yourself first.

To quote those well-known connoisseur’s of tea and life, Monty Python: “Make tea, not war.”

By: Flic Taylor