A note from Sheena: Our 2017 Year in Review

tease tea year in review

With the year coming to an end, as I've done since 2014, I spend an afternoon to sip on some tea, take a moment to pause, and reflect on the year and everything that has happened.

We launched new products, supported a dozen organizations dedicated to women's empowerment, (PS: How wonderful that the word of the year is feminism!) and won an award - just to name a few. 

The most exciting personal news I received in 2017, was discovering I'm going to be a new mother to a baby girl, due in March 2018. We haven't shared this with many yet: Her name is Camellia. Inspired by the camellia sinensis flower,  the plant that creates tea. From the moment I first heard that word while studying the world of tea 5 years ago, I was in love with the way it sounded and rolled off the tongue. We are proud to name our child something so beautiful yet personal in significance at the same time.

My husband Patrick (yes! we got married, too this year), is an incredibly supportive partner in life, and business. He is truly an unsung hero behind the scenes of what we do at Tease Tea. (Feel free to respond to this email with any parenting advice!) 

From the both of us: Thank you, for sharing this journey with us and supporting what has evolved into a family business on a mission to empower women. Having a daughter on the way, this mission resonates more than ever.

Happy Sipping, Happy New Year, and all the best to you and your loved ones in 2018.

-Sheena Brady/Founder & Tea Sommelier