Summer Iced Tea Must Haves

The warmer weather is finally here, so we've rounded up our top must-haves for all your summer iced tea creations. 

1. Berry Booster Tea Blend 

Berry Booster is one of our favourite blends for making iced tea. This delicious antioxidant boosting blend features elderberry and hibiscus for a boost of antioxidants that supports glowing skin and a healthy immune system. This blend makes a colourful steep and is perfect over ice with a splash of lemon or lime.

2. Fresh Fruit and Edible Flowers

The perfect addition to iced tea? Ice cubes infused with fresh fruit, herbs, or edible flowers. These beautiful cubes add a pop of colour and added flavour. Try berries, watermelon, edible flowers, mint, peaches, or cucumber depending on your tea blend of choice and flavour preferences. 

3. Single Serve Infuser + Tumbler 

Our 3-in-1 Glass Tumbler makes a handy single serve infuser that's perfect for on the go. Whether you're into fruit water infusions, loose leaf tea, or adding fruit to your iced tea creations, this tumbler is your new best friend. The 3-in-1 strainer basket is also great for cold brew coffee. 

4. Fun Ice Cube Trays

Who doesn't love fun ice cubes in a summer iced tea? Reusable ice cube trays are a great way to add some style to your summer beverage. We love mini squares or circles for a sophisticated twist. 

5. Peach Please Tea Blend 

Peach, Please is our top selling summer blend, and for good reason. Not only is this blend juicy and sweet, it provides ultimate hydration to keep you hydrated and glowing all summer long. Made with real peach pieces, apple, and hibiscus for a juicy flavour combo you'll love.

6. Iced Tea Pitcher

If you're a real iced tea fanatic or love to entertain, our Cold Brew Iced Tea and Coffee Maker is for you. This pitcher is the perfect size for a full day of iced tea drinking or entertaining. Made for hot summer nights and afternoons spent on the beach, this returning best-selling accessory features a strainer that is ideal for brewing your favourite iced tea blends.