Our Top 3 Mindfulness Tips

Enjoy our Top 3 Mindfulness Tips:

1. Mindfulness Meditation 

Looking for a quick mid day reset? Try our favourite 10 minute meditation for letting things go. Meditation is an excellent way to remain in the present and check in with yourself. Even 10 minutes can make a huge impact on your day. Enjoy this time to yourself while your favourite blend steeps for a deeper mindfulness practice.

2. Ayurvedic Tea 

There is nothing like mindfully steeping an Ayurvedic tea to focus on the present. Our best-selling Self Care Elixir is our meditation focused tea blend with Ayurvedic herb Moringa to help connect your mind and spirit. To practice mindfulness with your cup of tea, try focusing on your breathing while you watch your blend steep in silence. This allows you to experience the present moment. 

3. Try a Mindful Walk 

Many of us are used to jamming to our favourite tunes or stimulating podcast while walking, but have you tried a mindful walk? A mindful walk allows you to take notice of your surroundings and enjoy the moment. To practice a mindful walk, start by walking in silence, take notice of what you see. Focusing on nature like plants, trees, and leaves can help with this. Notice your body sensations as you walk, tune into your breathing and how your body feels. Enjoy this time to yourself.