How to Make Botanical Ice Cubes

How to Make Botanical Ice Cubes
Making botanical and herbal ice cubes is a great way to add elegance and flavour to your summer drinks, and can also be used to nourish your skin. Today we're sharing 3 ways to create botanical ice cubes.

1. Botanical Ice Cubes 

Botanical Ice Cubes
Botanical ice cubes can be made by filling your ice cube tray with water, and adding in your favourite edible flowers. We love a tray filled with mixed flowers and colours to create a beautiful and elegant addition to any summer drink. Don't forget lavender! 

2. Tea Ice Cubes

Tea Ice Cubes
These may be our favourite. To make tea ice cubes, start by brewing your favourite tea blend. Pour the cooled tea into your ice cube tray and freeze. Not only can these be added to your iced tea drinks without diluting your tea as the cubes melt, they can also be used for skincare! 
Try creating tea ice cubes with a green tea based blend such as Shake It Off or Mate Boost for an anti-inflammatory skincare trick to soothe inflammation. Pop out a tea cube and rub it over your face and neck. The green tea will help reduce redness, soothe swelling, and increase circulation. 
You can also try our favourite beauty boosting blend, Glow & Grow for a soothing and calming blend to promote glowing skin.

3. Herbal Ice Cubes 

Herbal Ice Cubes
To make herbal ice cubes, fill an ice cube tray with water. Pop in your favourite herbs, and feel free to include some fruit as well. We love peppermint or rosemary. Pro tip: try peppermint with a slice of lime for the perfect mojito addition.