How to Easily Brew Iced Tea

How to easily brew iced tea
Brewing iced tea can be intimidating if you are not sure how to do it. However, it is actually quite easy, and you will be shocked at how much better iced tea from steeping your own tea leaves is than store bought concentrate iced tea. Here we share our top tips for enjoying our blends with benefits.

Why make your own iced tea?

  • Taste - just like hot tea, iced tea from tea leaves just tastes fresher and better
  • Variety - you can make iced tea out of just about ANY kind of tea - you are not constrained by just black tea or green tea. You can use herbal tea, rooibos tea, fruit teas, and flavoured green and black teas too!
  • Cost - it is cheaper to brew your own iced tea than to buy it in a store or from Starbucks


How do I make it?

Making your own iced tea is very simple. It is almost exactly the same as brewing hot tea, except that you want to use twice the amount of tea for iced tea than you would for hot tea. That means if you make your green tea with 1 bag per cup of tea, you would make iced tea with 2 bags of the same tea.

Once you have brewed your tea, let it sit out until it cools a little. If you ice or refrigerate it right away, it may become cloudy. This will not affect the taste, but if you are serving it to guests, you want it to look as nice as possible.


iced tea with lemons tease tea

So to review, for the perfect cup of iced tea:  

  1. Measure your loose leaf tea into an infuser or use our pyramid tea bags. Use twice as much for iced tea than you would for hot tea.
  2. Add your hot/boiling water (depending on what temperature is recommended for brewing that tea)
  3. Brew your tea for the same amount of time recommended for making hot tea.
  4. Remove the loose leaf tea or tea bags when finished brewing, and let the brewed tea sit until cooled.
  5. Refrigerate until cold, add ice, and serve!

It is that simple! Once the tea has been brewed, you can flavour it to your own taste. You can add lemon, sugar (add sugar when the water is still warm), lemonade, fruit concentrates, anything that you can think of! Experiment to find your perfect iced tea.


What tea do I use for iced tea?

You can use any kind of tea, it is all up to your taste. Click Here to find a vast selection of tea blends in pyramid tea bags to make your own iced tea.

Watch our iced tea recipes on CTV Morning Live!

Brewing iced Tease Tea is easy!  All you need are four things:


1. Tea Infuser

tea infuser keeps any tea leaves from floating freely in your cup while you drink. After all, you probably don’t want to be chewing on tea leaves while you drink! It also lets you stop steeping tea after a specified time. This keeps your tea from getting bitter.

When your tea is done steeping for the specified time on your package, simply remove the infuser and set it aside for a second steeping of tea.

Did you know that certain teas you can re-steep two or more times? Pretty much all of our blends except our black tea & caffeine-free blends are just as good the first time when re-steeped!


2. Tea Mug

We suggest grabbing a mug that holds at least 8oz of water. Tea cups are pretty to look at, but are generally quite small which means a shorter tea drinking experience. Our 3 in 1 glass tumbler also has a tea strainer built in, which is perfect for making tea on the go.


3. Tea Kettle (Hot Water)

You will need a tea kettle to boil water. Traditional stovetop kettles are useful. Electric kettles boil water faster and more efficiently. Even a pot of boiled water will work just fine, but be careful! 


4. Tea Blends

Now all you need is some wellness blends. If you need to re-stock, shop here.