5 Reasons Green Tea is Amazing for Your Health

Green tea has been used for thousands of years as a health booster, energizer, and overall beauty enhancer. Green tea is not just for drinking on a cold day, it’s great for face masks and natural remedies. What’s better in the morning than a hot cup of guilt free, immune boosting, tea that leaves you focused and feeling great?

We LOVE our green teas and here are five amazing reasons we think you will too!

  1. Powerful antioxidants Green tea has many health benefits. There’s a reason why mom made cups of tea for you when you were sick! Green tea has bioactive compounds and lots of nutrients like polyphenols. These reduce free radicals in your body and also contain trace minerals. Although watch out, it’s worth it to buy high quality green tea as lower quality tea can contain fluoride. For powerful antioxidants, we recommend Shake It Off.  
  2. It makes you smarter! Green tea actually helps improve brain function because it has amino acids, and those are basically brain food. Drinking green tea gives you focus, helps sharpen your memory skills, and those who drink green tea are known to have lower anxiety. Amazing!
  3. Wakes you up. Like coffee, green tea has caffeine, but unlike coffee, it doesn’t dehydrate you or make you jittery then crash. Coffee for some also has a diuretic effect whereas green tea can be much more mild for your digestion and still has the same potent ability to get you out the door even on groggy days. Because caffeine and amino acids are known to work well together, you can start your day wide awake and smarter than ever. We recommend To the Finish Lime!
  4. Lowers Risks of Cancer We think anything that fights cancer is an amazing thing. Green tea is documented to have such high antioxidants, a key cancer fighting ingredient. Studies have also shown that tea drinkers are at a much lower risk of certain cancers. So get your tea on at work all day, you’ll feel amazing and live healthier than ever, which we feel passionate about! We recommend Crime of Passion.
  5. Skin Care At Tease Tea we love our beauty tricks and we also love our all natural products. Green tea makes an amazing face toner for those days where you just need a skin pick me up. All you have to do is brew some strong green tea, let cool, add a couple drops of essential oils, and pour into a fine mist spray bottle. Use after shower and before makeup to tighten skin and help reduce signs of aging. Voila!