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Tease Tea Tweet Your Order for Pick up in NYC! 

Tweet your order and time of pick-up to @tease_tea where they will get to brewing your perfect blend and have it ready upon your arrival! 
Need a pick me up? Need some energy? Want to curb those mid-afternoon cravings? Just tell us what's on your mind and the Tease Team will assist in prescribing the perfect blend to pair with your desires.


Tease Tea NYC is located at 52 Gansevoort Street in the Gansevoort Market nestled in the beautiful and historic Meatpacking District in the West Village of New York City.


Library of Blends: (Menu - In order of highest caffeine to lowest)

Organic Breakfast @ Tiffany's                                                   

  • Black Tea + Safflower

Duchess of Earl                                                                              

  • Black Tea + Cornflowers + Rose + Vanilla 

Chai Love You                                                                                 

  • Black Tea + Chai Spices + Rose + Dark Chocolate

Spiced To Meet You

  • Black Tea + Rosehip + Cinnamon + Apple + Orange +Hibiscus + Calendula

Skinny In The City                                                             

  • Yerba Mate + Lemongrass

To The Finish Lime                                                                       

  • Yerba Mate + Super-Charged Green Tea + Lime 

Jasmine After Hours                                                                      

  • Green Tea + Jasmine Flowers

 Crime of Passion                                                                            

  • Green Tea + Passion Fruit + Mango + Papaya 

Shake It Off                                                                                      

  • Green Tea + Lemongrass + Ginger

 Orange Creamsicle                                                             

  • Oolong + Orange + Hibiscus + Vanilla 

Tongue Thai’d  (Caffeine Free)                                                                               

  • Rooibos + Thai Lemon + Lemongrass

Midnight Mint (Caffeine free)                                                                                

  • Rooibos + Rose + Ginger + Sunflower + Spearmint


Hot  $4.00    |    Iced  $4.75    |    Tea Latte  $5.00