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classic tease

clas·sic  (klas-ick) adj.

  1. Of timeless quality
  2. Serving as the established model or standard
  3. Elegant.Simple.Harmonious 

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exotic tease

x·ot·ic  adj.

  1. From another part of the world. Foreign.
  2. Intriguingly unusual or different.
  3. excitingly strange.

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romantic tease

ro·man·tic  adj.

  1. Given to thoughts or feelings of romance. Sentimental. 
  2. Displaying, expressive of, or conducive to love
  3. Imaginative but impractical. Visionary.

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skinny tease

skin·ny adj. 
  1. A desire or feeling of "thinness"
  2. Health concious. Desire to increase metabolism
  3. In search of health boosting properties  

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festive tease

fes·tive adj.

  1. Of, relating to, or appropriate for a feast or festival.
  2. Merry; joyous: 
  3. A mood of celebratory feelings 

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sleepy tease

sleep·y adj. 

  1. Inactive, a feeling of tiredness 
  2. Relaxed, tranquil 
  3. Desire to unwind & de-stress

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