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Our in depth understanding and knowledge of restaurants and service includes over 10 years in international luxury hospitality in both service & leadership/management. We understand the value  of exceptional guest experiences and above and beyond hospitality from the heart. Combined with our knowledge and passion of all things tea, we are confident you will be pleased in our one of a kind tea programs we create, tailored for you and your guests needs.
Just a few of our Unique Services:
-Visual/portable "tea library" display as opposed to traditional paper menu
-Cross promotion on our large social media, blog and e-blast outlets
-Tea education for staff recognized by the Tea Association of Canada which includes service, history & origins of tea, tea 101, pairings, and strategies to enhance guest experience while increasing the average cheque. 
-Tea Sommelier menu pairings (Very popular for dessert menus)
-Rotation of speciality blends, relevant and appropriate to current season
-A one of a kind blended tea exclusive to your restaurant, inspired by its vision, style, history etc.  


About our tea.

Our specialty teas are always selected and blended in small batches to ensure you are receiving the freshest product possible, every time. Every single blend is created, packaged and labeled by certified Tea Sommelier & TeaseTea founder, Sheena Brady.

Sustainability & Ethical Partnerships. 

We take pride in selecting the top 10% of premium tea leaves from sustainably managed gardens from around the globe while incorporating unique blended ingredients to appeal to your guests experience & desires.

Tease Tea only works with suppliers who have Ethical Tea Partnership accreditation, an initiative started within the tea industry to monitor and regulate the living and working conditions on tea estates.

Free Shipping/Delivery.

It is our pleasure to offer free shipping on all orders placed over $150.00 (Standard shipping only)

 How to Order & How Long it Takes.

Simply email your needed teas to orders@drinktease.com. All orders will be shipped within 2 days, you should receive your tea within 4-6 days. Expedited shipping can be arranged as well. 

Training & Education:

 We offer in depth 1-2 hour onsite training on tea 101 (history, origins, etc)in addition to our unique blends being served to guests. We also focus on upselling techniques and the value in gratuities when tea is added to the check. We would love to offer your two back to back complimentary tea workshops complete with tea tasting and educational material for each service associate. 

 A Unique, On Trend & State of the Art Tea Program 

Two Michelin Star restaurant, Atera, in New York City has a Tea Curator sealing the after dinner experience. Many Shangri-La properties feature “Tea Masters”. High profile hospitality establishments now feature elevated tea programs to exceed guests overall dining expectations.

Consider the ‘WOW’ factor of opportunities such as presenting your guests with a visual tea library/display case in place of a menu, pairing your dessert features with thoughtfully selected teas, or enhancing your mixology program with tea infused cocktails.

 Our Tea Sommelier and team of tea specialists can create a conversation worthy tea with each and every sip.

To request a bespoke tea program proposal, please email: bespoke@teasetea.com